Friday, August 28, 2009

Tasha Tudor Day

Today is Tasha Tudor's birthday.
My friend Clarice at Storybook Woods organized the first official Tasha Tudor Day last year on August 28th and the tradition continues on. Celebrate the amazing woman, Tasha Tudor, with me and others by having a cuppa tea in the garden, by doing a little handiwork like embroidery or knitting, by working in your garden or by making homemade jelly or jam, or simply by appreciating the simple joys of everyday living like our dear Tasha did.

I used to dread the end of summer. As soon as the goldenrod bloomed it meant I had to go back to school. I hated it! But it's a beautiful time of the year when the southwest wind blows with a distinctive sweet scent and the crickets' chirping starts to slow down and the constellations shift in the night sky. Spring's chicks and ducklings have grown into fine plump specimens and the geese gather under the apple trees looking for the first ripe apples to drop.

~Tasha Tudor from the book The Private World of Tasha Tudor

In celebration (and because it's time), today I plan to go to town and buy some fresh sweet corn from the local farmer in the Valley. I'll shuck it, cut it from the cob, and blanch it for freezing so that we'll enjoy that sweet summer corn even in the dark winter days. I'll use my Grandma Kathryn's Recipe which is so easy and delicious. I also have a few apples that I plan to sauce and make into apple butter. Of course, I'll take time to appreciate the last of the summer flowers and have a cuppa tea while reading from one of Tasha's many books.

For more about this special lady, click here.
Happy Birthday Tasha!


  1. I love Tasha Tudor's books and drawings. Such a lovely simple way of living.

    I'll get some corn today too - and celebrate along with you!

  2. Let's can I celebrate TT Day? I'm wearing a summer skirt and I'm going to work on a vintage quilt this afternoon. I will also cut my very one and only home grown cantalope that I picked yesterday.
    Do these count?


  3. Happy Tasha Tudor day,
    it sounds like a perfect Tahsa day. I will be making red-wine plum jam today. Wish we were having tea together. Thank you for joining in xoxoxo Clarice

  4. Happy Tasha Tudor day!!

  5. Happy Tasha Tudor Day. A cuppa tea in the garden sounds perfect. Enjoy.


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