Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pattern freebies 4 U....

There are lawns to mow and flower beds to water, tomatoes to pick and put up, the house trim to paint and windows wash and repair before the cold days of fall and winter are upon us. But every so often I take up an itty-bitty sewing project to dot my summer days with fun. I tried out the free Buttercup Bag pattern at Made By Rae. It was quite simple to stitch up and the results are *cute-cute.* This little bag went to a five-year-old friend for her birthday along with 5 one dollar bills stuffed inside to spend. (She still thinks 5 ones are more than a $5 bill!)

A friend of my daughter's just had a baby girl. One of the things on her Wish List was a nursing cover-up, and so instead of spending a hefty $30 or so on one, I picked out this nifty Cath Kidston print from The Bakery and made her one for about $10. She loves bright and bold colors. Do you think this will do? Get the free tutorial here! Along with the cover-up, I made a cute stuffed pig to match with yet another free pattern, but I could've made three cover-ups for the amount of time I spent fiddling with piggy. Oh well.

Now it's time to get back to work. I'll unload the tomatoes from the pressure canner and step outside into the sunshine to touch-up the house paint that has chipped away. Tomorrow it's supposed to be only 60* for a high temp. That'll feel chilly compared to the 89 degrees of today.


  1. Love the purse and the cover-up--and I love fabric, too. Thanks for the link to the Bakery. I've been looking for some funky fabric for curtains, and this place has great stuff!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. that's the cutest purse! i'm thinking of making them for the girls for christmas....they just love purses...i guess i'm doin something right! ;)

  3. You've been busy -- very, very cute! Always so much to do in the fall, but don't you love it???

  4. Oh your buttercup bag is so charming. I love the fabric xoxox Clarice

  5. Beautiful fabrics and darling projects ~ both!

  6. Too Cute! Thanks for sharing.



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