Sunday, May 24, 2009

More bread...

More bread ideas anyone?

My daughter-in-love loaned me her new book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I've been baking bread for years and years, but I haven't really gotten into the artisan style breads. My family really prefers the plain sandwich loaf type breads -- white or whole grain. They aren't into the hard crusty breads much. I, on the other hand, love ALL breads! Round, baguette, boules, onion, olive, rye, wheat, oat, cheese, or dill. Whack off a generous slice for me! This book is terrific because it not only gives you recipes for the artisan type breads, but also for the traditional loaves, peasant breads, sticky rolls, pretzels, and more. There's a Tuscan White Bean Dip that I'm dying to try too. Hertzberg and Francois have thrown in a few recipes to serve alongside your homemade breads. Things like: Yogurt Soup with Cucumber and Mint, Bruschetta, and Tuscan Bread Salad to name just a few. There are some sandwich recipes to make with your homemade breads: Pan Bagna (Tuna and Veggie Sandwich), Reuben, and Stromboli.

As you can see by my pics, I made one of the basic doughs called Soft American-Style White Bread and turned some of it into Cinnamon Sticky Rolls (I used the filling and topping from this recipe). They were excellent, and I still have two more loaves worth of dough left in my frig to use later. I plan to make Sugar Bread with what's left and take it as a host/hostess gift for tomorrow's Memorial Day Get-Together.

What makes Artisan Bread in Five Minutes so "easy" is that you make a basic dough recipe that takes just five minutes to mix up and toss into the frig to use whenever. It yields 3 or 4 one pound loaves that you bake whenever you need bread. It could be daily or a couple times a week. The longer the dough sits in the frig, the more fermented and tangy the dough becomes. Think sourdough. The add-ins are endless. You can be so creative with one basic dough recipe, yet there are several doughs to try in the book. Below, you'll see just how simple the Five Minute Bread is to make. (turn off music to hear it)


  1. Gosh, I have that book and I don't remember the "extras" -- I need to go back and read it. I was just telling hubby yesterday (over shovel-fulls of mulch) how much I've been wanting to make some bread (based largely on your previous post!) We did something (no clue) to our pizza stone though and it smokes and smells awful. We've tried cleaning it and nothing works. I'm hoping Hubby will pick up a new one while he's out shopping and then, if I can get a free weekend, I'll give it a go. And btw, what's sugar bread?

  2. Your bread posts make me ravenous. I'm going to bake a loaf today due to your inspiration. It's only 7:16 a.m. here, so I've plenty of time this morning (if I get off my computer).

  3. Well you know what I think of that book ;-) Your rolls look sooo good. Clarice

  4. I've been doing the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes .... as well. We love it and it's similar to the one that rose 18 hours and baked in the cast iron pot. I would still do that one too. What are you keeping it in? I need to find something better than what I've used.

  5. The bread looks delicious. I'm in a bit of a bread rut, atm. So I may look out for this book. My lot, like yours, bemoan "bits" in their bread and just like it plain and simple, but I like all bread. Yummy.

  6. It looks delicious. I also like the look of the cinnamon rolls! Mmm.

  7. Oh, Jody! These look and sound so wonderful. I had to make my usual four loaves of your great regular sandwich bread today, but the next cool day I'll have to give one of these a whirl.



  8. Oh, boy! C.Z.'s going to love this!

  9. I love making easy artisan loaves--I can't believe how simple some of them are.

    Those cinnamon rolls are killing me. I'm afraid to make them, because I would never stop eating them.



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