Thursday, May 28, 2009

Li'l Helper....

Looked who stayed with her Grandma all day!
The Grandangel and I spent lots of time at the clothesline and on the lawn playing on the star-gazing-blanket in the warm sunshine and the soft breeze. We played fetch and frisbee with the dogs and then we ripped up grass with our hands and threw it into the air like a confetti parade.


  1. Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

  2. Oh how fun! I do hope that scary snake wasn't anywhere near! ;-)

  3. Such delight. I can 'hear' it!!!


  4. Sounds like a perfect day, Jody.

  5. Sighhh a perfect afternoon xoxox Clarice

  6. Making precious memories with the grandangel sounds like a perfect day especially being outdoors. Your grass is pretty and green and all that fresh air! I can almost feel the sunshine. Abby

  7. I love this picture and I love the picture your writing evokes. Ah, the confetti grass--you forget about such fun until a little one comes along to remind you.


  8. What a joy.... Wish I had a small one again in my family...but alas no more grandchildren for me...
    Have to wait now for great grands...
    Elsie <><

  9. I am downright jealous :)

    What a perfect way to spend the day

    I need your rancher opinion over at my blog:)

  10. Ellen B, "Happy happy, joy joy" is right!

    Thimbleanna, no snakes in sight this fine day!

    Plain ol' Vanilla, you should've heard it. Little Miss was jabbering about everything and calling the dogs.

    Cassie, it really was a *perfect day* in many ways.

    Storybook Woods, simple, yet perfect day.

    Abby, the Grandangel doesn't always like the grass on her legs and feet, but right now, it's soft and lush.

    Frances, you're so right. When a wee one comes along, all those little things we did with our own comes right back. You see the world from a different (lower) level.

    Elsie, welcome! I wish lots of great-grands for you to cuddle.

    Island Sparrow, maybe someday soon you'll get a lil grandangel to play with. I hope so. It's such a blessing. I'll stop by to give my rancher opnion.

    Thanks for your sweeter-than-honey comments everybody!


  11. Oh, she is getting so big and sitting up all big girl like. It looks like it was the perfect day!

    (Have to tell you seeing the snake post right next to grandbaby post was a little disconcering until I realized they were seperate posts!)


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