Monday, May 18, 2009

Turning out....

A few days ago we took another ride horseback. This time we turned the yearling steers out from the feedlots to a fresh, spring pasture. They looked so fat and healthy walking out together and this green grass is going to add lots of bloom and shine to them.

On this ride we took the yearling heifers out to their spring pasture. They were continuously stopping to rip off a big bite of fresh, green grass as we trailed them out. They were in no hurry and enjoyed the slow walk and new grazing along the way.

When we got them through the gate, there was cool, clear water on the other side. The heifers walked right in and drank deeply. It is such a blessing to have all this water from the heavy winter snows and spring rains and snows. All of our reservoirs are full, every dip, every little hole and creek bed has water in it. Doesn't this look just like an Old West picture? It always feels good to me to turn out the cattle from their winter feed grounds to green pastures. It's like setting them free to do what cattle do best -- grazing the open range.


  1. You're right about that picture -- it's beautiful! I made your meat and potato pie (I forgot already what you called it) tonight for dinner and we loved it. I'm already looking forward to the leftovers!

  2. Whoa! These photos are gorgeous! Such a contrast to the snow a while back...

  3. There is something so 'soothing' about these scenes. I love how you've taken the pics, Jody, so that I feel like "I am there, riding along with ya'll, hearing, seeing, and feeling everything.
    Thank you for my 'virtual field trip'.


  4. Now that's a real western scene. it would be so fun riding along with you.

    I'm glad everything is so lush and green - I had shown your snowy pictures to my DH and he said just what you said - it would make great pastures and watering holes this summer.

  5. It is soooo beautiful were you live, especially in the spring, all so green. You are blessed. Clarice

  6. These scenes are so familiar. I guess your place does look like it's right out of a Western!


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