Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've begun to begin....

Do you remember way back in October I had the brilliant idea to start a 1930's feedsack quilt for my darling dumpling Grandangel? Well, I got as far as cutting all the little squares and rectangles and left it bagged until after Christmas. I had several other handmade things to do and I figured quilting would be a nice wintertime project anyway. I inteneded to use the embroidered blocks in and amongst the quilt, but they were too large. DIL had the great idea of using them to create a valance for Grandangel's bedroom window, incorporating some of the fabrics from the quilt. I love that idea!

This week I have begun to begin! I laid out all the bitty pieces just how I wanted to sew them together and started sewing each, row by row. As you can see, the bottom half of the quilt top is sewn, but the middle is still in strips and the tops is still in itty pieces yet-to-be-sewn. I will also be adding some borders to it as shown in the quilt magazine picture above. I can't wait to show you the completed quilt (or at least the quilt top).

Blessed are the children of the piecemakers, for they shall inherit the quilts!


  1. Love it and love the quote. I have started one for my little grandson...he will be here in March, can't wait!

    Tis the season for quilting!


  2. Ranch wife, You little Grandboy will be so blessed to have a quilt from his grandmother's hands. I am so excited for you! Grandmother is just "the best."


  3. grammy is darling! Can't wait to see it when it is finished.
    I love coming and seeing what you are doing next for your little grandangel!:)


  4. This is precious; love the colors.

  5. I LOVE it Jody. I so admire you. All those pieces of fabric, makes me crazy. Eye-spy some fabric I have too. I can not wait to see more. xoxoxo Clarice

  6. This is going to be a wonderful heirloom. Love the quote at the end. Brilliant! I hadn't heard it before.


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