Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wedding mints....

The wedding mints have been made!

It's been a tradition in my family since way back in my Gramma's day that we make mints for weddings. I even remember making mints as a little girl with my Gramma S. I think it was likely my Aunt Nancy's wedding since she was the last of my aunts to marry. She was in her 30's (O-L-D, so I thought back then). Wedding mints were also made for my wedding some 26 years ago with my sister, neighbor ladies, and my step-mom carrying on the tradition.

Now it's time for another generation to make wedding mints. My daughter, G., is getting married in May and so her Gramma S. called to see about when to make the mints. My daughter-in-law, G, one of the bridesmaids and Gramma S. all gathered one evening for the mint-making party. I always think of mint making as a party. "We must always have a glass of wine whilst making mints," says Gramma S. And we always do. "Cheers!"

We made pink hearts, ivory and pink roses and light green leaves. The leaves were spearmint flavored but the rest of the mints were vanilla, at the bride's request. These homemade mints make a pretty tray to add along side the wedding cake.

One more thing checked off the To Do List!

Wedding Butter Mints
~Grandma S.

1 lb. powdered sugar (always need extra)
1/3 c. butter (softened)
1/3 c. white corn syrup
1 egg white
Flavoring as desired
Food color as desired

Mix together well. Add more powdered sugar to make a stiff “dough.”

Roll bits of dough in sugar before putting into molds.

If dough sticks in molds, wash, dry, and start over again.
Sometimes it helps to put a little sugar IN the mold too.

Makes 150 mints

In answer to Thimbleanna's questions I thought it best to make an addendum here for everyone. After we unmolded each mint, we place them on a wax paper-lined baking sheet. This way we could move the mints to the freezer for a quick freeze of a few minutes to firm them up for boxing. A shirt box works well. We boxed the mints in layers between wax paper, the same pieces they were lying on in the freezer. It's a nice way to transport them without touching each mint again or pouring them out. One person holds two corners of the wax paper and another holds the other two corners to gently place the mints into the box.

Since the wedding is not until May, we froze the mints in their lidded box. They will last indefinitely this way. This would be my best recommendation for storage.


  1. These are beautiful! It sounds like you had a lovely time together. I wonder how many mints get nibbled on in the making? I love reading about all of G's wedding preparations!

  2. What pretty mints! I've always wanted to try making mints so I really appreciate your grandmother's generosity in sharing her recipe. I'll have to find molds but I'm definitely going to tackle this new challenge. Thank you!

  3. They sound so simple to make. I've always imagined them to be very involved and so have never even considered making my own. Now that I know...maybe I will!



  4. Ohh wedding mints, perfect. Wish I was there to help xoxoxo Clarice

  5. What a wonderful tradition! I love homemade mints. How do you store them -- will they keep tightly covered? Do you freeze them???

  6. Abiding,
    We always must taste the mints. We wouldn't want to serve anything icky! ~smile~

    These are easy to make. A child could do it. Do try!

    Clarice, wouldn't it be fun to do this together one day? Maybe for one of your daughters' weddings?

    I'm glad you asked the questions. I made an addendum in my post for everyone to see, but you were right in supposing that I froze them. It's the easiest way and safest way to ensure a tasy and pretty mint that doesn't get smashed.

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I always like hearing from you and knowing that you're "out there."


  7. I like hearing about these sort of traditions. This brings back good memories of attending weddings as a kid and the mints that were always on the tables at the reception...only they weren't homemade :) I never heard of making your own - that's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe ~ I will tuck it away for possible weddings to come!

  8. What a lovely tradition - also the wine while making them :)


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