Saturday, March 29, 2008

Art and inspiration.....

Femme et vaches par l'eau
~Julien Dupré (1851 - 1910)

This pictures really speaks to me. Perhaps it's because I live with cattle. We have some old cows and even some bulls who are pets. It's amazing to some people who come to visit when they see one of us get out of the pick-up truck and walk into a pasture with a great big bull and begin to pet and scratch him and feed him by hand. All the while, the bull laps up the attention and even rubs up against the one dishing out the love.

This milk cow isn't wanting to cooperate with Mistress Milk Maid at all. Bossy's got her mind made up that she wants to drink. Notice that the maid does not have much of a "tow rope" to bring in this beast, but rather, a small leash of sorts to throw around the horns which implies, "You are captured, and now you must follow me." The cow knows the routine, she knows it's milking time, she can feel the tightness in her udder, but she wants to give Mistress a little resistance and wants her way. Perhaps this one time the maid will relinquish her hold. But no, Bossy knows she really does need milking and she will succumb to the maid's wishes. After all, Mistress loves her and know her best.

"I am the good shepherd; and I know My own, and My own know Me." ~Jesus

~John 10:14

You really must see this picture in its full size. Click Rehs Gallery to see it and many more wonderful works of art by Dupré.


  1. I have to admit, I'm one who would be afraid to be near enough to a cow or bull to scratch it or hand-feed it. I wish that wasn't so as I think they such beautiful animals (did I just say that? I'm sure it's YOUR influence on me, Miss Jody).

    Love the artwork. You always seem to find the best stuff!


  2. Transports me back to my childhood and the tiny farm where I grew up... (sigh). Lovely art and complimentary scripture.

  3. beautiful! and I also love your blog header!!!

  4. I love works of art. And this one has the prettiest light and soft colors that goes so well with the milk maid's chores, early in the morning or maybe late afternoon, I'm not sure when cows are supposed to be milked. But I do like this painting.


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