Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Short on words, deep on meaning...

Photo by Feuillu

This morning while sipping my coffee and reading my email, I came upon an email from one of my favorite blogs, Bravewriter, and thought I'd check out what was happening there. Julie is a homeschool mom and a writer who shares her skill, love and gift of words with all of us homeschool moms and our kids. I told her, "You do all the work, I just copy you!" If you ever need help with inspiring your kids to write, I enourage you to visit Julie's blog. Anyway, I was browsing Julie's side margins and came upon her de.licio.us link and clicked it up. I'm curious that way sometimes. I found this article: Short on words, deep on meaning, and my interest was piqued. The author asked people for six word memoirs or biographies of their lives and the response was so amazing -- some funny, some deep, some outrageous. Read it and see what I mean. Well, right away the light bulb went on, and I decided that for Today's Writing Lesson my teenage sons and I would write Six Word Biographies. We'd write one for ourselves and a few others for people we know -- either family members, friends, or famous people. What fun we had! Here's a sampling of a few we came up with.

Hope. Change. Yes we can! What?
~Barack Obama

Get ‘er done today. Golf tomorrow.

Prayed. Got Tom and five kids.

Does this have to be serious?

God, coffee, family. In that order.

Hey, everyone’s got to breath air!
~Dr. Phil

How did you spell that….again?

Die you must, live I will.

Snowed. I’ll practice my bunker shots.

She was weaned on a pickle.
~Hillary Clinton

Never should have taken those steroids.
~Roger Clemens

Isn't it amazing what just a few words can say about a person?
The best part of the day was the kiss on the cheek from each son and, "This was fun, let's do it again." Yes, we will!

It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water.
~Franklin P. Jones in Quote


  1. Just think you schooled and didn't know it. xoxoxo Clarice

  2. I blogged about this today too. So fun!

  3. I love these six-word memoirs. I learned about them from an English teacher in my book group who assigned them to her class. And blogged about them a week or so ago -- so fun!

  4. What a delightful eXercise! (Michele's post too). Several of these memoirs made us laugh out loud, but the piXies' absolute favorite was Yoda ~ very clever! I loved the footnote about getting a kiss on the cheek (sweet).

    ThanX for the fun & inspiration.



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