Friday, September 07, 2007

Woman's Work and a Simple Life

I encourage you to go on over to Isabella in the 21st Century's blog and read the article: Woman's Work and a Simple Life. If you are a wife, a mother, a homemaker, or someone who appreciates those who claim these titles, you will be encouraged and enlightened. Thank you, "Isabella" for sharing your heart with us.

Addendum: Another articulate and heartfelt article on "The Family" can be read over at Little Jenny Wren's blog. Pour yourself a cuppa and spend some time reading these valuable articles. Thanks ladies!


  1. Goo morning Jody, I just wanted to let you know I tegged you for a name game. Go check out my blog. Have a relaxing weeekend. Mrs. Lovedove comes home from France today ;-) Clarice

  2. Clarice, I'm so glad to hear that Mrs. Lovedove is back! Did she bring any new French recipes with her? Or chocolate?

    Isabella, you're welcomed. I always like going over to "your place," so I'm sure others will too.



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