Saturday, September 08, 2007

How Many Mugs Does One House Need?

Twenty-five and five go-mugs!

FAR TOO many!

After opening the cupboard door to retrieve the mugs for our morning coffee,

the go-mugs fell on me from the top shelf so........

I decided it must be time to pick 'n' choose which ones will stay and which ones
must be sent to the storage box
(until the day when we have a small army to serve coffee to).
The problem is this:
I already have a large box of mugs down in the Dungeon.
I don't know why I don't just dump them and be done with it,
but how can I?
Some of them were gifts from friends,
some mugs I bought especially
for my Hubby and children.
Maybe if I store them long enough, they'll be valuable -- antique!
This time of year we love our hot coffee, tea, and cocoa,
so we do need several mugs -- really, we do!

Now it's time for my afternoon cuppa, and guess what?
There are only ELEVEN mugs to choose from!


  1. Oh I know that agony. Why is it so hard to choose. xoxoxo Clarice

  2. We have the same problem, sooner or later the shelf of mugs begins to overflow. It was hard, but I weeded out some this weekend for our yard sale.

  3. I know what you mean. It's really hard to let go of some did you store them or pitch 'em?


  4. It sounds like a common problem....I had one fall out and break a few weeks ago! That doesn't stop me from wanting new dishes though!!

  5. Clarice, it seems that I choose my mug according to my mood or I may choose a mug to improve my mood!

    Deb, I wish I could have a yard sale, but when you're 55 miles from the town, it's hard to do.

    Michele, I saved them. Why? Antiques!!

    Ohio Farmgirl, I'm ALWAYS looking at new dishes. I have no room for them, but I'm always wishing for them.


  6. Yay Mom! I said it was about time you sorted those mugs out. Remember when I was trying to put them away after doing dishes? See? Hey, maybe I can take some of them off your hands? I only have 7!


  7. Grace,
    Thank you for your encouragement to weed out the mugs. You were way ahead of me. I had to have them fall on me before I actually did something. I'm sorry that you must take after your mother with 7 mugs for a single woman, but yes, you may certainly take some of mine for your "collection."

    Love you too!

  8. I have a lot of mugs too, And i solve the problem like this. We drink a lot of coffee, and every time we takedrink one, we take a clean mug. And not doing dishes to often really helps, because then you need a lot of mugs.

  9. I understand perfectly about the mugs. I got frustrated a few years back and cleaned out most of my mugs. Then I had company and had to quickly wash more. I had 1 mug left over. I acquired more. I still have alot of them and now I do not weed them out,unless they are chipped or cracked.


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