Saturday, September 15, 2007

Autumn Corners

In celebration of Autumn Bliss,
here's a little corner of my world.....
my front porch.
The apple garland is strung
around part of an old piece of harness,
and you'll see some of the fabric leaves
that Clarice from Storybook Woods
showed me how to make last fall,
hanging on the wooden pumpkin plaque.
The white flowers are wild
heath asters that I picked from the pasture.

And here's another corner.....
A sun setting in the West corner of our yard,
taken by my son, the aspiring photographer, Seth.
Autumn Bliss!


  1. Oh yeah you used your leaves. I love it. I bet this add such charm to your front porch. Thank you for sharing. It is fun for me to see. Love Clarice
    PS. They were out of some of the spices you want. I will go again this week and let you know when I get them all.

  2. Your porch corner is very charming! I like that it is living.

    I like your new photo banner, too!

  3. How beautiful your porch looks in all its autumn finery. And the setting sun photo is so lovely. Both are wonderful celebrations of autumn bliss.

  4. Clarice,
    It's always fun to dress up the front porch. I'm looking forward to those spices!

    I just like "living things" and have a struggle with the faux flowers and leaves. I'm quirky that way. I'm glad you liked the new banner too.

    Junie Moon,
    Thank you for your kind comments.


  5. What beautiful porch decor! I love the word and the embellishments. Very stunning! Autumn Bliss has been fun, hasn't it!

    :) LaTeaDah

  6. Your apple garland is one of the prettiest autumn things I've ever seen. Your porch looks so pretty.
    Please tell Seth how much I appreciate his photograph. The sillouette of the black tree against the orange sky is a wonderful effect. He has inherited his mother's eye for what is truly beautiful.

  7. LaTeaDah, yes, I agree that Autumn Bliss Week has been fun and inspiring. Thanks for stopping by.

    Mrs. Staggs, thank you for your sweet comments about my apple garland. Now, lest you think I'm really a whiz at fashioning a "living apple garland" I didn't. The apple garland is faux, but the flowers and pumpkins are real. I have made apple wreaths (real) before, but this just looks real. I'll give Seth the message. He'll smile!



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