Sunday, December 10, 2017


I like December for so many reasons.  Days are short and indoor living is long.   That could be considered a bad thing to some, but to us it feels like we are resting from a very busy year of outdoor work.  It feels cozy and homey.   The sheep and cattle are in their winter pastures and  although these pictures show a little bit of snow on the ground, the grazing is open and that means a longer time without feeding hay and cake.  We still go out to the cows and sheep to gather them up, inspect them, and give them a little something to eat as their reward for coming to us.  Everything is looking good and healthy right now.  The ground is bare again and thus far, our winter has been mostly mild, save the wind which has been anything but mild.

We are enjoying the joyful bustle of Christmas with friends and family. Christmas cookies and coffee was our treat at the neighbors' yesterday afternoon. Our home is "lightly decorated"  with mostly greens and cones and candles.  The Christmas tree is up and shining and so is the tiny creche.  I have one of those Fontanini  nativity scenes that are both beautiful and durable which allows our grandkids to touch and imagine with the figures.  I like that part so much.  Singing Christmas hymns at church warms my heart and lifts my spirits.

I have a few embroidery projects going, nothing difficult or extensive, but they keep my hands busy while watching a football game or a Christmas special.  Sometimes I just enjoy embroidering in the quiet with candles burning and twinkle lights glowing and a cup of hot tea to sip.

I hope you are enjoying these December days, appreciating the little things -- noticing the quiet of nature, appreciating the warming sips of coffee or tea on a cold day, enjoying the familiar Christmas hymns that you memorized through many years, lighting the second Advent candle, holding hands.

I wish you JOY.  Take JOY.


  1. We are all ready for Christmas although our preparations these days are far less than they used to be. Our weather is amazing and we are enjoying the driest December in over 10 years. Morning frost burns off and we reach 6 or 7 degrees C ( low forties F.)
    Our creche is over 50 years old now and it must have been a really good one because it has no chips at all in spite of having been played with a lot.
    Keep warm and cozy as you enjoy these quiet days.

  2. Looking at your frosty sheep I realize that my feet are cold and I need to turn up the heat. I wonder if you heat with wood? I would think maybe not because out on the prairie there aren't forests to easily get firewood from. We are in a four-days-and-counting no-burn period because of bad air quality. :-(

  3. Your December sounds very cozy, Jody. I like knitting and cross stitching in the quiet, too.

  4. It sounds like you and are on the same page. I am ahead of the game and that has enabled me to enjoy the season. Coffee and Christmas cookies it is!

  5. Your December days do sound peaceful and cozy. I will choose Joy! Merry December days to you and yours.

  6. I love the pictures of your cattle and sheep looking at you and coming to you as you go out to inspect them. It's good that they can graze freely in the Winter pasture, the weather isn't too cold except for the wind or too snowy and they are keeping healthy. Your life indoors whether at home or church during this special season sounds peaceful and joyful.

  7. It's so good that you can enjoy a season of rest from your busy, work-filled summer. And I love that your cattle and sheep come to you knowing they'll get a treat! Enjoy the homey coziness with your family. God's blessings and joy on your Christmas season! :)

  8. Your pictures are so pretty and your Christmas prep sounds so perfect Jody. I think I'll find the joy when I get my gift projects finished -- hopefully by the end of the week LOL!

  9. Hello Jody,
    Winter on the prairie sounds warm and peaceful. You've painted a beautiful picture of your home and the farmland.
    Wishing you joy and happiness.


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