Friday, December 15, 2017


Our very small creche sits table high so our grandkids can enjoy it and imagine the awe of that Christmas night.  The figures are set in some bark to make it look somewhat crude and cave-like along with tiny lights.  The creche is a Fontanini and the tallest figure is only 2.5 inches in height.    I'm thankful I have the main characters in the manger scene.

The Star on the Barn is up and lights the dark near the county road that goes by our ranch.  These two things are my favorite Christmas traditions.

I've been doing a very little baking, mainly two kinds of cookies so far -- soft molasses cookies and snowballs.  I will make a few cut-out sugar cookies before the big day comes.  It sounds like our fair weather is about to change and cold days are coming.  They will be good days for being indoors and for baking, but while it stays so nice, I'm out walking every day.

How are your Christmas days going?


  1. I like your sweet creche in its rustic setting.
    Christmas preparations continue here. Tomorrow being Saturday the 2 youngest grands will help dip the PB Choc. balls amid much mess and fun I'm sure.

  2. My grandparents had a similar creche. We loved playing with it.
    I hope your walks are happy and fresh!

  3. A wonderful creche. How nice to have a star to light the night! I need to make some cookies. My mouth was watering just reading about yours!

  4. So pretty, Jody! I am at my daughter's house now, so the festivities have begun! It's gift wrapping and cookie baking here today, and the first of the guests (besides me) will start arriving. Yay!

  5. That is the most beautiful creche I've ever seen. Fascinating! I love the wooden bark cave.


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