Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Little Christmas things...


I've been playing with needle and thread and also using the hot glue gun for one project.  
Since we have two 2015 babies in the family, 
I took up my needle and thread and started on a couple
tree ornaments for them, marking their birth.
Then two Christmas stockings!
And lastly, I turned some old ornaments and light reflectors
 into a shiny wreath.
The tree is up and some twinkle lights are strung.
The candles are placed and ready to light at sundown.
I like lighting candles on these dark December nights.


  1. Oh how cute! We added a sweet girl in July and will add a boy in Jan. : ) Where did you find the adorable pattern of the snowman on the stocking? You always find the cutest things! Angela

  2. Oh, you ARE a good maker! I love the wreath and the ornaments and stockings are so cheery! We have a bright day today so the snow is melting on my walk to the bank and post office, making for a bit of a mess. It's okay! I'll take the blue sky!
    Happy day, good friend.

  3. Love the stichery! So sweet!

  4. That wreath is gorgeous! I love all of these projects! :)

  5. I love everything. Good for you making those ornaments and wreaths. I still haven't settled down enough to pick up a needle. Soon though.
    You know I didn't realize you had two babies in 2015! God is so good.
    You are so blessed.

  6. The ornaments for the littles are so sweet. Candles are in my kitchen and a fire in the woodstove so light abounds these dark, almost winter nights. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. The first Christmas season with two new babies in your family circle must be a joy. What a beautiful way to include them with your stitched ornaments and colourful Christmas stockings! The little bauble wreath is pretty too.

  8. Beautiful Jody! You're so organized too! I'm just getting started this year -- hoping to have a dent in the decorating by the end of the weekend. I love your little embroidered ornaments -- too cute!


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