Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow feeding and snow-shoeing...

With the snowfall we've had, every day is feeding day.  The grass is buried and although the livestock will paw the snow to get to the grass, we still give them some hay and a little cake each day to keep them warm.  It's been so cold these past few days, the temperatures barely making it above 10*.  Thankfully there is no wind with the Big Chill so it feels better.  In fact, after feeding chores, I decided to strap on my snowshoes and make my first trek of the year.  I am SO glad I decided not to walk far away from home.  The snow was quite soft and so I sunk in a lot which makes for more of a march than a walk.  The thighs and hips *feel the burn* and this walker had to take many pauses before trekking on.  A good soak in an Epsom salts bath afterward did me a lot of good.

The views were spectacular!  The cows and sheep always look so magnificent (to me) against the snow.  The snow itself shimmered like a million diamonds in the sun for the deep cold kept the crystals in the snow reflecting beautifully.  My Christmas mittens worked well for feeding sheep by hand and kept my fingers toasty.  I even had to take my mitts off while I was snowshoeing because my body was making so much heat, and I'm generally never without something on my hands.

Do you see the football shaped bird in the snow?  Those are Sharptailed Grouse.   They are the chickens of the prairie.  They stay all year round and come in especially close during the cold, wintry months.  There's plenty of feed around the barnyard for them and Russian Olives to eat in the shelter belts.

Besides my tracks there are deer, jackrabbit, grouse and dog tracks.  I think the jacks have moved in from everywhere.  It seems we see more than ever now.  I sure hope they don't eat our young trees' bark.

Well, I'm going out for another walk on my snowshoes to see if the snow has firmed up any from  the slight wind and sub-zero temps of night.  At least I'll have some tracks I can walk in for a little firmer base.  Wishing you all good memories of this past year and good things to come in 2016!


  1. Lots of great tracks in the snow! Everything looks so good against snow. Hope your new year is a very good one!

  2. Your snowy pictures are making this Southern girl smile :-)

  3. We are suffering warm temps and rain here, so I envy you your snow and your trekking! What kind of cake do you feed your animals?


    1. The cake is mainly a pressed alfalfa cake. It does have a little grain in it too, but mostly alfalfa.

  4. It is so pretty. I really enjoy seeing pictures like that. I love the cows with the snow on their backs.
    It is so pretty with that blue sky. I also love the picture of the prairie chickens. :) Have a wonderful New Year

  5. Winter on the prairie sounds so beautiful Jody. I thought of you on Christmas night as I looked up as the full moon. It makes me smile to think that you might be out there looking at the same moon that I look at ;-D. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Aw! Can I have the photo of the sheep all in a line? It will be perfect with my collection! (Three sheep prints in the family room and that one would be pretty, too!)
    I loved the stump cake as well! Gorgeous! Stay warm, friend. Snow shoeing sounds like lots of fun! It's very cold here, too.

  7. I bet you look magnificent to the sheep and cows, too! They know good food is coming! :) That Epsom salt bath sounds wonderful after an outing in the cold. I can just imagine. Have a glorious 2016!

  8. Sigh....reading your post, but especially look at the pictures, makes me know that it is not cold here at all!!!

    Happy New Year, Jody! May God fill you more and more with His love in 2016.


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