Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New gloves and a snowy walk...

 My new gloves!
We went to the feed store for hen scratch on Monday and to my delight, I they had just got their shipment of size medium wool ragg gloves!  I saw them last time I was in, but all they had was large and X-large so I asked if they might get any mediums.  "Yes, we've had such a demand for them that we ordered some."  This was my lucky day.  I picked up two pair.  In case you have trouble, like I do, keeping your hands warm in gloves, this is the brand to look for:  Alyeska by Kinco.  They are lined, warm, and I love the grippy nubs on the palms.  Plus they dry out fairly quickly.

 I'm in Warm Hand Heaven!

 I took my gloves out on a test drive.  I walked to the mailbox with some cards.

And back home again.  It was pretty windy and cold.
My hands were warm so....

 I went for a walk in the frosty, snowy woods.  
Looks a little like Narnia, doesn't it?

(oops, warm glove in the pic)

More snow fell overnight.
We've probably got 6 or 7 " and some deeper drifts.
There's blue sky this morning, but it's cold.
Just 15 degrees.
The coffee tastes good.

Sunshine is delicious, 
rain is refreshing, 
 wind braces us up, 
snow is exhilarating; 
there is really no such thing as bad weather, 
only different kinds of good weather.
~John Ruskin


  1. That does look like scenes from Narnia. Beautiful. Good gloves for winter weather!

  2. Oh, I BET the coffee tastes goooooood! Your gloves are awesome! I thought of you this afternoon when I was on my way home from Jenny's. I was craving some coffee but I can't drink it in the afternoon anymore or it interrupts my sleep and I thought of you having your afternoon cup of Joe!

  3. It looks beautiful. We have been blessed with warm weather...50's most days. My poor trees are starting to bud. It has been nice for our business but doesn't seem like Christmas just yet! Dianntha

  4. Very beautiful and Narnia-like! Those sound like super gloves. Wonder if I can find them at my local Fleet Supply! I agree with John Ruskin's words. :)

  5. You lucky girl -- I'd take those freezing temps and SNOW! any day over our tropical weather. It's warm here and it's just not right. It seems only the west will be cold and snowy for Christmas this year -- some sort of obnoxious jet stream is diverting everything north as it hits the middle of the country. I'm hoping for a battle in the sky, and an artic blast that will blow the tropical winds back where they belong! ;-D

  6. What lovely gloves!! I always love getting new gloves. I think it does look like Narnia. Such wonderful snowy pictures.

  7. Love your view and that poem!

  8. My, it does look chilly - all that white!! My daughter asked for gloves for Christmas because she is working outdoors with horses every day, sometimes in the snow. She needs them to be washable, and I found some at Cabela's. We'll see if they are warm enough!

  9. Wow, look at that snow. I am trying not to be envious! I bet those gloves work great. I will have to check them out!! Clarice


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