Friday, November 27, 2015


After the Big Feast that is Thanksgiving, I took the older grands outdoors with me to fetch the eggs from the chicken coop and then we went owling.  If you've never read Owl Moon, you should.  Then you will know what owling is.  What it means is to trek out in the trees to find an owl.  It requires;  Being quiet, Walking without much noise,  Watching closely,  Listening.  It was nearly dark when we went out and it was COLD and there was a skiff of snow on the ground.  We noticed how very many, many jackrabbit tracks were all over the snow.  We were bundled up, but the littlest Grandie was very cold and needed to be carried, so after a short walk through The Woods with no owl sighting, we turned for home.

(pic from Owl Moon)
This afternoon I took my walk through The Woods and found three owls.  All Great Horned.  I took some progression-type photos with my phone.  Some from a distance --can you sight the owl amongst the trees?  Some pictures are closer and some are of the owls flying low and stealth.  As I walked home one of the owls flew near to the houses.  I found Miss Peach playing outdoors and took her to the tree where he had landed.  She was thrilled to see this owl so up-close and personal.  He didn't mind us one bit, but just sat there turning his head this way and that,  minding his own business while we admired his size, feather patterns, colors, and his long ear tufts.  More owling adventures to come!


  1. Owls! Wow! I can tell that they are wise old birds.

  2. I love that book and I would love to go owling with you. I love the shots you were able to get. He is a huge bird. I am afraid the crows would just go crazy here if they saw one.
    I am glad you had such a nice walk.

  3. Great catches of the owls. Love that illustration, too!

  4. Hoot! Hoot! I love that book, too. Your owl is so handsome. I wish the owls would come here.

  5. Owls are amazing birds. One day at work I was walking during noon break. In the middle of the road in the middle of the day was a huge horned owl and he looked mad. I could get super close to him, so I thought he was hit. No camera, of course, a delivery truck drove up and stopped. We were talking to each other wondering what to do with this huge hurt owl, when it just up and flew away. It was fine, just confused I guess. They are amazing.

  6. They hide so well in the trees!


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