Friday, June 19, 2015

The buzz....


The Buzz is...
We have BEES!
Lots of BEEZ!

On one end of the ranch there's a large colony
and on the other, yet a larger bunch.

They've come from California with banjos on their knees and they are staying for our golden sweet clover.  It's a "clover year"  here.  Not every year is.  Sweet clover is a biennial and so it usually only comes up every other year, depending on the weather conditions.  This year it's growing everywhere and it's as high as the pick-up -- doors so far.  There will be plenty of pollen and nectar for the bees to harvest -- miles and miles and acres and acres of it. Every ranch in the country has several boxes on it.  The bee keepers had intended to put some of these bees in another area, but they were drouthed out and had nothing for the bees to live on so they put them on our place.  Our share in the project will come in honey, and I dare say we'll have more honey than we know what to do with.  We've never had bees here before so it's exciting to us. 


  1. How very interesting! How great to get the honey!

  2. I love my bees! I'm happy for you. There is so much you can use honey for, besides eating on toast. I can't wait to hear how the honey tastes.

  3. How wonderful! I can't wait to read about your honey plans!

  4. Some of the large beekeepers here do the same thing....and usually reward the farmers with lots of honey :)!!


  5. How nice to be paid in honey. I do miss having my on hive. I keep thinking of getting some more.
    I know a lot more than I did when I got them. Even though my Mom was a bee keeper, and I thought I knew more than I did. I love all of that clover. It must smell so pretty. Lovely pictures of that blue sky.

  6. Bees are lots of fun. Those poor bees get trucked around the country -- if they are commercial bees from California, those are the kind that suffer such a high mortality rate these days. I hope they have a fine time and stay nice and healthy on your ranch, and build up their strength!

  7. Hooray for bees! Another proof that there are still some good things that come from CA! I love the green and the scenery of your prairie!

    And I LOVE the quilt in the header! Gorgeous

  8. What a good deal! They do the work; you get lots of honey! :)

  9. bzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
    We used to have beehives in our orange groves, and always put the honey on our peanut butter sandwiches. No jam in the house!
    I would be excited, too, if I were you.

  10. Ooooh, how fun! I watched a bee special a few weeks ago -- they showed how bees are transported from California to the northern plain states every year -- it was fascinating!!!

  11. We get hives every year from Texas and are paid in honey. I only use a few bags of sugar a year, everything else is sweetened with honey. It's a great barter system!

  12. Lovely that you can safeguard and feed some California ( worker) bees! What a lush place you have to house them. There is something very happy about bees!


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