Monday, June 08, 2015

In the Garden (this week)....

 First up, not really in the garden, but geraniums in pots.
Some gardens can be in pots, can't they?

Secondly, I couldn't help sharing this
 *not in the garden* photo of our May crop of lambs.
They are pasturing near an old homestead, therefore, you see trees on the prairie.

The chives and Dame's Rocket are happy near our
grassy rock garden area.
The veggie gardens are just coming up.

 The onions in the far area are well established
and the carrots and tiny basil plants are showing up now.
The lettuces are just about harvest-able.  
There's a mix of greens and purples 
and some radishes will be ready any day now to toss in with a salad.
Carrots sprouts are in the back ground of this bed.
Tomatoes and peppers

 The rhubarb is massive.
I'm baking a pie tonight!

 This little patch has asparagus seeds underneath.  I was going to start with asparagus roots, but they were out at the nursery so I read up on starting asparagus by seed and decided I'd get more established plants next spring by sowing now with seeds.
Two herbs are in the foreground:
Lime Thyme (very citrusy) and plain Thyme.

One of a few pots of German Chamomile which seems fast-growing.
Bonnie shared her seeds with me!  More pot gardening.
I'll use it for teas and infused oils.
I love this white Columbine flower.
I also have pinks and purples.  Lots of it.
Here's my potato patch.  I've planted potatoes in the straw again this year.  The spuds have contact with the soil, but they are mulched deeply with straw to promote growth upward in the mulch layer.  I only planted half of my normal potato patch and so beyond the potatoes is my "overflow spot" where I have zucchini, squash, pumpkins, peppers, herbs, and cabbages. And you see the large Mr. Rhubarb at the end!
The spuds are just coming through.  I've planted some mushroom spawn amongst this straw too.  We'll see if it works.

Thanks for checking in on my garden escapades.  
What's growing in your pots and patches?
Do tell!


  1. Strawberries! The cucumbers are just popping up! Yum! Rhubarb pie sounds nice!

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful Jodi! Mine is covered in weeds currently, but things are coming up! I love your raised bed area with the straw in between. That is a great idea!


  3. Wow Jody, your garden is so beautiful! I have such a hard time growing anything because of the critters. I planted three little tomato plants and a bunny ate them almost to the ground. I've never had that happen before, the little monster! So, I replanted and put up a little fence. Hoping to plant zinnia seeds this week -- I'm so late -- and now worrying that the bunny will eat those little starts too!

    On another note -- your mention of an old homestead send me off into daydreams of pioneers and Little House on the Prarie. It's fun to just sit and wonder who those homesteaders were that lived on your land!

  4. Yours looks WONDERFUL. Wee bit jealous here. I'm looking forward to having a little farm area and a real garden with some decent soil. I have a little lettuce in my back yard, in some bad soil. And I have a bunch of sweet peas growing in some "containers" -- 3 old bee boxes that Adam filled with good soil for me. They're going gang-busters right now. That's it for me! Oh, I do have quite a few herbs in pots, and I'll take them when I move and put them into the ground there. Boy, do I wish I could partake of your rhubarb pie!

  5. Things are looking good at your place! We have lavender blooming right now, earlier than usual. The hydrangeas are getting ready to bloom. Pears and apples are growing on the trees. Lots of watering going on since we are in a dry warm spell. Have a great week and weekend!

  6. Glad to hear your chamomile is growing. Mine is starting to bloom! It is a tad invasive, but I use it for tea and hair detangler. This spring my seed sprouts started to get that fuzz on them I had heard chamomile water stops this. I tried it and not only did it work the ones that were almost dead rebounded. I love your white columbine. I have a maroon and a few red and pink ones. I may have to try the potatoes in straw. Your gardens look grand.

  7. Oh, I love looking at all your planting! Exciting to think of what is to come ... Your place looks beautiful.

  8. This garden will see you through the summer in great style. I love all the action.

  9. Beautiful gardens and pots! I always love the idea of a garden but have problems with following through. I may just plant a few petunias this year. Yum, rhubarb! One of my favorites!

  10. Everything looks so nice. I love that rhubarb. Mine has to stay in pots because it is too hot here. I drag it from shade to shade.
    I love your potato bed. It all looks fantastic. Your chamomile came up fast! It looks great.

  11. I love getting a peek at this kind of exciting growth! And I envision you sitting in that red chair for at least a few minutes now and then, to look over the results of your labors.


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