Monday, June 15, 2015

In the Garden...

 Cecropia Moths rested quietly on my flag all morning.
The grands came to see them and study them.

 My flower garden is overflowing with larkspur, poppies, and blue flax.  
The peonies are not quite ready to pop yet. 

 The lettuce is ready to pick and so are the French Breakfast Radishes.
The radishes are mild, yet peppery and crisp!  
I replanted some green beans today.  
One row is up, but they look rather sad; and the other row is mostly missing so I hope they'll fill in and provide us a nice little crop for two.

 The tomatoes continue to grow in size and girth.  I just planted a teaspoon of lettuce seeds amongst these tomatoes knowing it'll be ready to harvest when the other patch is done.

 The potato plants are pushing up taller and taller. 
 I need to give them another layer of mulch.

 This is my new experiment.  I put down some old shingles I found in the barn to smother weeds and give me a nice pathway to walk on.  This  hillside is really a weedy patch, so I'm trying to keep the weeds down as much as I can.  You can see squash and pumpkin plants and a few stray potatoes.

 My dad, and fellow gardener, gave me these Black Hills Spruce seedlings.  We heeled in ten of them and at first they turned brown, and I was sure they were going to die, but looky here!  New growth!  Each one of them has some new, green growth coming on.  I'm hoping, if they survive, to transplant them in the fall to a permanent spot.

Chives have taken over a corner of the flower bed and I am so glad of it.  I like to use the herb for cooking and as a garnish, but I also think they are the prettiest flower.

"Earth is crammed with heaven
And every bush aflame with God
But only those who see take off their shoes."

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning


  1. Your garden is looking great, Jody! The little radishes are so cute!

  2. Love that quote and your garden!

  3. What fun. I will have to try those radishes next year. I don't like hot ones. My beans aren't coming up either. I like the shingles idea. I just found some last week in our shed. I love those moths. We used to get them all the time as kids. I don't ever see them here in the hills. Glad your grandkids got to see them.

    1. There is still time to plant the radishes! They grow so quickly. You could plant them in with a teaspoon of lettuce seeds.

  4. So much to like here - first, I think your shingle weed suppressants are a great idea, and the little spruce trees are awfully exciting; I would be jubilant about new growth on baby trees, especially if they were growing in my own garden....
    I have some chives in my garden that I would never have thought to plant, but Mr. Glad had the idea a long time ago. They just keep going and going, and I agree, the flowers are so pretty! I thanked him many times for giving me that idea - when I get my new garden post-pool-excavation I will put in some new plants, too.

    1. I'm happy that Mr. Glad gave you the idea to plant chives. What a special remembrance of him.

  5. Beautiful garden! My little patch in the back yard is nearly spent. Radishes didn't do well at ALL (poor soil, I think), and I'm getting the last of the lettuce today before it bolts. My sweet peas have done rather well, but they're almost done too. Then I'm FINISHED for this busy summer. Next year, with our own place and better soil, I hope to do much more, God willing. Glad your little spruces survived :) That's sweet.

  6. Those moths are beautiful Jody! Your garden is too. I love the shingle idea -- I need a roof's worth of shingles for my weeds lately. I'm hoping to finally get ahead of them this week. I love chive flowers too -- my chives are taking over my little herb garden, but that's ok by me. And I love Black Hills Spruce trees -- we planted one about 10 years ago that's getting pretty big now. I sure hope yours will survive!

  7. Your garden is simply lovely! Everything is still small and sprouting in mine. I think I need to plant some of those radishes. They look delicious!

  8. I think it is just beautiful! I love that moth too. I think you have such a green thumb.

  9. Love the snapshots of your gardens and flowers. I would be beside-myself excited about those moths!


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