Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Vernal Equinox!

 This is what it is looking like here on the first day of spring.  Not very green or cheery, but warm.  No daffodils, no tulips, no rainbows.  Mostly it's just brown with a hefty wind blowing the dirt around, but hey, it's still spring, and I'm excited that those greengrass days are on the way.  I'm seeing little shoots of green poking up through the dry grass, and the sharp points of tulips and daffodils are  just now poking through.  Hooray for Spring!

 Sue is enjoying her rides in the caker pick-up these days.  It's much warmer than it has been and that makes riding in the back much better.  After we feed the livestock and we're on the road into the house, Sue and Charlie jump out and take a mile long run home.  I think it's one of their favorite parts of the day.

The lambs are all docked now and they're growing like weeds! They feel so good with this warmer weather, and I love to watch them jump and frolic around just like you would see in the storybooks.

Hubs had some FSA stuff to do at the county seat yesterday so I decided to ride along with him.  We decided to call upon the aging aunts who lived there while we were in town.  Aunt Virgie who lives in senior living and Aunt  Betty who is in the nursing home were both so excited to have visitors, and we thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them too.  Now that I am a smartphone user, I was delighted to be able to share some photos of our grandchildren with them.  I had some photos of sheep on my phone too and Aunt Betty was particularly fascinated with those.  Several years ago we bought 50 head of ewes from her when she was going out of the ranching business.  So the sheep that you see in my photos are descendents of Aunt Betty's flock.

The visit reminded me how very important it is to call on old folks.  They really do love hearing from us or having a visitor pop in now and then, but don't assume, like we did, that these old folks don't have anything to do!  We were tickled when Aunt Betty reminded us that they were playing Bingo at 2 and it was her favorite game.  We had just arrived at ten minutes till.  We got the stink-eye from several old ladies who were presently seated at the table and ready to play.   We were holding up the game. It was a short visit, but sweet.  I was reminded how much my own parents always enjoy hearing from me, either by phone or in person.  I hope that when I'm an old lady, my children and nieces and nephews will come visiting me too.

Wishing you a Happy Vernal Equinox.  Equal daylight and equal night.  What did your first day of spring look like?  


  1. We had a little bit of sunshine and a lot of rain! That's great that you could visit the old folks!

  2. Love seeing the lambs! I think ours look forward to their mile run too. They like yours get so excited!

  3. That is a very good reminder about visiting. I am glad you have lots of sunshine and the sheep and cows look wonderful.
    We are having just perfect weather. Lots of green on the trees, though the mountains are already turning brown, green was short lived. I feel terrible for the ranchers.

  4. What a great way to spend spring. Glad you got some time to visit. The weather is good here. I am thankful.

  5. After two weeks of sunshine we had rain on the first day of spring. I suppose the weather gods were going for irony. Lovey photos!

  6. Ahhh, springtime on the prairie. Our day looked much like yours, only with a dusting of snow and no livestock, darn it! Your talk of frolicking lambs made me think of our trip to Iceland -- we were driving along and I glanced over at some sheep just in time to see triplets playing and one leaped into the air -- it was the cutest thing ever. Such unbridled joy!

    And your reminder about the elderly is so true. Even though I see my parents almost every day, my mom is always trying to get me to stay longer -- you'd think she'd get sick of me LOL!

  7. That Sue is so cute! Isn't she a good working dog? I like her.
    The warm wind doth blow today. Sheets on the line!
    Sending love to you, good Jody!

  8. That's so dear, hearing of your visit to your aunts. It is so very important to visit them, and how thrilling for her to see your sheep, coming after years from her own! Your lambies looks so sweet, and I'm VERY glad you're having warm weather for them. I don't like thinking of cold lambs out in the wind :)


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