Tuesday, March 03, 2015


 The first baby calves were born today!

They were born to heifers (first time moms).  We are just about finished lambing with only eleven more ewes left to have their babies, and now we are starting in on calving the heifers.  They require a little more attention and care since they are having their first babies.  Birthing is the name of the game around  here!

This photo looks a little distorted since I took it through a crack in the wall of the barn. This pair was experiencing their first time nursing, and so I didn't want to interrupt them or distract them in any way.  Both calvies and mamas are doing well. 

It's been a cold, cold week here so we've been busy keeping the ewes and lambs fed and watered and sheltered until we get through it. There has been a lot of mucking pens and carrying water buckets and hay.  I feel like now that we are nearing the end, I am finally in shape!  Perhaps I should hire out?  It sounds like the weather is going to shape up and warm up for us later this week.  It'll be a good reward!  I look forward to seeing little lambies and calvies skipping and playing in the sunshine.  Are you ready for some warm sunshine too?


  1. Baby Calves!!! All the babies come at once in your world Jody -- the human babies have even synched up LOL! Each new day must be a wonder for you -- thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!

  2. I do love baby calves too. I think you are experiencing spring training too. Gosh, only 11 ewes left to lamb? It must have been pretty fast and furious. Nothing like Herefords. Still one of my favorite breeds. That was what I showed when I was a kid. :) Well some of the time. Stay warm.

  3. I am so ready for some sunshine. Next week, I hope!
    Oh, the calves are so little and the young mamas "get it" don't they?
    Take care, Muscles. You are an excellent rancher.

  4. Ahh so sweet! It will be nice to have weather they can enjoy out and about!

  5. I mentioned here before, I think, about when our daughter worked on a dairy farm and I went to visit the new calves in the spring - oh, my - the dear things with their big eyes, looking so sweet and fresh. How could we not love them?

    The other night I had a strange dream about lambs - I had acquired some very small ones and brought them home in boxes in the back of my car, where I forgot them for a month. Then I let them out on the street, miraculously alive, but still not much bigger than rabbits even though they had been growing for a month (on what?). They began hopping weakly around, and then miraculously perked up and suddenly I had a big problem, trying to round up these frisky little critters in the dark, in the street, liable to get run over any moment. I woke in a panic. The dream is no doubt symbolic of all the things I am neglecting lately....

  6. What a sweetie pie. It must be some fine experience to be surrounded by so much life and birth and sweet newborn faces of so many varieties (esp the human one). You are have earned your fitness, that is for sure. Hugs, Leslie

  7. We had two truly warm, fabulous days, and a few slightly cooler/windy. But it feels like winter is gone ... maybe. I know you have truly COLD weather -- what we have is spring-like in comparison! The mama/baby looks so sweet and fluffy. Glad all is well with your ewes and lambs. The ranch is happy :)

  8. Babies, more, you have babies everywhere!! That must be what keeps you looking so young ;-) xox Clarice


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