Friday, March 13, 2015

New arrivals daily!

American Robin (wikimedia commons)

Redwinged Blackbird (wikimedia commons)

Western Meadowlark (wikimedia commons)

Fluffy (our tomcat)

So many feathered arrivals and more on the way, and yet one furry arrival who did not come from so far away.  Fluffy, our tomcat, has come back to the barnyard.  We saw flashes of him up at the lambing barn, but he would not come to our calls. He hid and played shy.  He has come back around us again and I'm wondering why?  He often goes out for the summer.  I'm thinking I have figured it out -- maybe.  First off, it's spring and there might be a pretty little she-cat he's interested in.  And the other reason that I hope he is home for is mice.  I don't know how it is where you live, but where I live we have a large mouse and rabbit population.  One might call it an explosion!  The barns, the granaries, the chicken coops and around the homes -- mice everywhere.  I have always been one who is quick to throw some mouse poison out, but now with the little grandchildren around, it is just not safe to do it.  So I am hopeful that Fluffy is home to catch mice.  We have  three other feral cats around -- Shadow (a black cat that is here and there like shadows on the ground), Boots (who was raised in the chicken coop years ago), and Mr. Darcy (a friend's cat who always ran astray decided  the country life might be best).  All make a living on their own.  

Yesterday I had my daughter get on the Facebook Buy/Sell and ask if there was anyone with cats or kittens to give away.  I need some good mousers!  She has found me one so far, and his owner said he's a good mouser.  I think cats are my safest mode of mouse and rabbit control.  We'll find out.  I'm going to try to find a few more.

On another note, we've had beautiful, warm weather.  It's been fantastic for docking lambs and calving heifers.  It's a pleasure to be out and about when your work is outdoors.  We are noticing, however, that our lack of winter snow has left its mark.  The dirt blows and blows.  There is no moisture in the soil.  I'm hopeful that we'll get some spring rains soon.  Until then, I'm getting my daily dose of sunshine and my attitude is cheerier than it has been.  The robin call:  cheery-up cheeri-o makes me smile too!


  1. Amazing photos! Hard to believe how beautiful these birds really are.

  2. Fun to see all the birds getting busy around your place. Hope you find a good mouser!

  3. So you're the one who has our warm weather! I wondered where it had run off to.

    Love the bird pictures. The only we see around here is the robin, but ours are very fat.

    I hope your cats stick to mice and leave the birds alone!


  4. We hit 92 yesterday and possibly 94 today. I did stay outside all day. I can't stand to be in the house when it is so warm. I hope you get all of your winter rains too.
    I also hope you get some kitties for the mice and rabbits.
    You have such lovely birds coming in now. It has been nice to get my flowerbeds all cleaned. There is just something about the warm sun.

  5. I miss the song of the meadow lark! When I lived in Colorado back in the '70's, I heard them a lot. Robins have such a cheerful song.
    I have 5 feral cats. Wish I could mail them to you! If I have to move in a year or so, I hope they can fend for themselves! Do you think they'll be okay?
    Enjoy that fresh air!

  6. I wish we could have cats, but they eat the grouse. Darn things. We have quite a few mice this year also. I have never used poison, but I finally succumbed this year as they invaded the garage. The weather has been beautiful.

  7. Ahhhh, it sounds like spring has arrived on the prairie. Do you suppose Fluffy was living in some other barn over the winter? And now that he's back, maybe you'll soon have your own mouser production coming along?

  8. Kittens are hard to find here, too!
    Your elusive cat is pretty!

  9. I'm glad the dust doesn't keep you from enjoying the sunshine. All those birds returning is so exciting! I wonder if having a few more cats will encourage latent instincts in some of them who maybe haven't been up to par in the mousing you suppose competition is a motivator to cats?

  10. That's one sassy-looking robin! We have so many of them here. They gather each morning near the bee hives, waiting for the "funerary" bees to carry the dead bees out of the hives and drop them in the grass. Then the robins have breakfast. A bit morbid, but it's nice to know nothing goes to waste. Here, we often have more kittens around town than anyone wants, sad to say. I wish the kitten extras could come to your ranch! Sounds like they have a grand life there.


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