Saturday, March 07, 2015

Feed my sheep....

 ....and while you're at it, feed my cows too!

I loved seeing this morning's setting of the moon while the cows walked up to the feed ground.
The sheep were waiting at the gate for the tractor and for the 
pick-up truck to bring them some breakfast. We didn't disappoint them.

 We are all done lambing except for one ewe who has yet to have her lambs.  
We turned her out with the others.

 It has turned pleasantly warm these past couple days. 
The ewes and lambs are enjoying the sunshine and warmth.
Me too.

Can you pick out Baba Blacksheep?  
She's outstanding in her field.

After chores, all of us went up to the Old Shed and docked the early lambs.  My goodness, but we had some big lambs there.  They were hard to hold. There were 66 ewes and they had a total of 102 lambs.  That's a lambing percentage of 154%.  Not bad.  We'll see how the rest of the bunches dock out.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you're having a pleasant day.
We are!


  1. That black lamb was the first thing I noticed when I looked at that photo! :)

    I spent last night with my granddaughters while their mom and dad were at the hospital. Thought we'd have a new arrival by this morning but it was just another false alarm. :) Granddaughter Hazel looked out the window this morning and was exclaiming over the beautiful moon. Sort of cool to know we're all admiring the same moon from different vantage points. :)

    So glad that lambing went well!

  2. Wow! That was over quickly (for this armchair rancher)! I'm so glad it's warmer!

  3. Jody, you probably know that a black sheep was 1 in 100; a marker sheep to make it easier to count the sheep.

  4. It's nice to see them enjoying the sunshine! Wow that's a lot of lambs!

  5. I never liked docking. I knew it needed to be done but that was always a sad part for me. Dehorning and castrating also were never favorites either. :) You got a very good return this year. It looks beautiful out there those rolling hills of the prairie. I love seeing pictures of it. I am so glad you are having some warm days.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Come over and see your sheep above my fireplace! I finally framed them!

  7. Wow! It seems like you were just talking about the first lamb. I can't believe you are done already. Sounds like lots of twins. Glad things went well.

  8. I saw your sheep at Pompoms fireplace - the sanitised version?!! she did such a lovely Lent post today and then I came over to see what your sheep were doing - what a hard life but you make it look easy and organised, I loved browsing through the little sick lambies and seeing how you had fixed them up - I think next weekend I will make a journey to see if there are lambs near the windmill where I sometimes walk - maybe we have some too. Blessings to you, I imagine you with a coffee on your log, your pretty lamp, a lot of knitting, maybe a lamb tucked up in a blanket beside you!!! Betty

  9. Awwww, look at all the little lambs -- they're SO sweet! I think the sight of all those babies and their mamas might make all that hard work worth it!!!

  10. I'm glad you're getting some warm days--we are, too, at last! Your cows and sheep are lovely. Beautiful pictures!


  11. Those pictures are wonderful - I especially love the moonset (I just discovered this word) and the picture of the sheep with the shaded barn and hill in the background. Glory to God for springtime and sheep!

  12. They do look happy in that warm sunshine! And I love the curly hair on your cow's face -- so sweet :) Glad all is well! Your animals look well-loved.


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