Thursday, October 09, 2014

Simple things....

A perfect apple, the only one, found in the grass at the bottom of the tree by six-year-old hands.

Slicing the perfect apple and sharing it with loved ones.

Noon sunbathing on a cozy blanket on the lawn.

Taking a walk to the mailbox at sunset and hearing two Great Horned Owls calling to one another under a full moon.  (Listen here)

Grandchildren coming over for a visit.

Hanging clean laundry on the clothesline for a fresh-air drying.

Eye-ing sheep (shearing their faces) in preparation for winter snow and frost.

Yellow and orange Calendula flowers that persist through cold nights and little water.

Bees who are sucking up every last bit of nectar from their flowers before they wither and die.

The earthy smell of decaying fallen leaves.

Pulling up big orange carrots from the veggie patch as we need them.

Cutting fresh lettuce from the veggie patch.

Finding more pullet eggs in the nests each day.

Selling the last of the lambs today.

Fresh-baked apple pie from Dad's apples.

The low sun shining into my kitchen windows.


Flannel shirts.

What are some of your favorite simple things?

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
~Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. I am seeing those bees, too - and hummingbirds who come for a last drink when it is almost dark. The world is beautiful!

  2. Oh Wow -- it all sounds so beautiful Jody! I'd have to add the setting sun as it peeks through the beautiful red and gold fall leaves. And my corduroy shirts!

  3. I heard a flock of geese flying over. We have rain and good night's sleep weather. Doesn't our coffee taste good on these gentle fall days? God be with you, Jody-friend.

  4. Love your simple pleasures and the photo is wonderful. Slippers with lambs wool lining are a favorite of mine. A cup of coffee in the morning...
    Quiet evenings watching British murder mysteries...

  5. This is a delightful post, thank you, Jody. My granny smith apple tree is producing the most amazing apples. I've made pies, will make pies and am loving eating pies. Maybe I should eat some vegetables too, ya think? LOL

  6. How lovely, and full of things that make life special. I love them all and I think it is the loveliest time of year, thank you for sharing.

  7. I'm giggling. I was sleepily enjoying your lovely list of pleasant things, with my cute Pomeranian snuggled up, sleeping in my lap. He's snoozy in the morning. I was listening to guitar music from Flower Lady's blog post. But I thought, "I would really like to hear that horned owl." So I paused her guitar music, and clicked over to the owl page. And I clicked the sound button, and a Great Horned Owl hooted about foot from my tiny Pomeranian, and man! did he jump! I think he was afraid he was about to be eaten! I had to comfort him quite a bit. But he jumped off my lap anyway. Hahahahaha :)

  8. Thousands of miles away...yet, we hear a pair of Great Horned owls too. Simple things...cooler mornings, a mug set out by the coffee pot by dear husband, that first cuppa coffee, the sound of the dryer, a good book with good light to read, a morning walk with a friend, a phone call from Daughters, voices joined together to praise God, hearty laughter, my morning bowl of Scottish oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts. my lace curtains gently blowing from the opened window, real letters in the mail...


  9. I tried singing some of your reveries of gratitude to the tune of "...these are a few of my favorite things..." and it actually works rather well...
    I say a lovely list...but of course "list" doesn't do justice.

  10. Toddler cheeks and puffy lips. (first picture)
    And all of your list, of course. I always enjoy the peek into your life. Monarchs are migrating which means many have been floating past my windows, a snoring doggie, and a house almost clean.


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