Thursday, October 23, 2014

More groovy jeans patches...

I feel like a 7th grader again, 
drawing on jeans and embroidering them
 to my heart's desire!


  1. They're gorgeous!!! I love that owl on the right knee! A business is calling you!


  2. They are wonderful. I love those designs.
    So much fun is what I think. :) Stitch away. :)

  3. You're so cute and creative! Those are adorable.

  4. Oh my goodness...those are adorable! Your patches are so neat. Mine always turn out kind of frumpy. I love this idea!!


  5. Haha -- you're adorable. What cute designs!

  6. Love these! My dad is a big man, and when I was young my mom would split his jeans along the outer seam line up to the knee and insert a triangular piece to give him more calf room. Those inserts were always customized with embroidery:)

  7. I love love love them!!!! Can I bring a pair by? The owl is my favorite. What a great idea. Here I thought when I opened your post it would be about patching holes in the knees. Thank you for sharing. I will have to send this post to my sister.

  8. It's been lovely catching up with your posts Jody, I do like your thrifty and creative mending.
    Sending hugs from a grey and chilly England x


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