Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More mending with little details...

 This time I patched a pair of girl jeans on the outside.  I embroidered the patches first and then machine sewed them on.  Only the knees are my embroidery.  The other was factory stitched.  
(I love the factory stitching.  Cute!)

 Patched a major rip on Hubs' jeans.  The patch is underneath the rip and then sewed over with denim colored thread so it doesn't show much.  I stitched the Xs around the rip for fun.

I put total fronts on Hubby's jeans, patching over the top. They look almost like chaps covering the legs. The jeans will be extra-warm when the weather turns cold. These two small embellishments are  in fairly obscure spots -- tiny signs that I was the mender of the Man's jeans.
We'll see if he notices.


  1. Love them -- especially the sneaky details on hub's jeans:)

  2. Awww, he'll know how much you love him!!!

  3. I love the little red flowers. Let us know how long it takes for him to notice the heart.

  4. Adorable! I have a hole to patch and make fancy!
    You're a fine needlewoman!

  5. I love those jeans.
    I hope he notices.

  6. cute details, love the work of your hands.

  7. I love how you communicate your affection through this unique and fun art form :) Good job!

  8. You have skilz! You are a wonder at no only making jeans cuter and cuter but making them last and getting all their good out of them. I bet your jean wearers are sad when they finally do hit the end because I imagine they are well loved and worn in.

  9. Wow, love. You could sell these!! Clarice


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