Friday, November 22, 2013


It was a cold day here so I've been holed up in my workshop today, busily and happily creating Christmas stockings for the newest family members and giving another stocking a much-needed facelift.  I mainly used felt for the stockings themselves, and for the cut-outs I used felt with heat-and-bond. 

I was so tickled to be able to use a sweater collar on the cuff of this stocking.  I had been saving it from when I made no-knittin' mittens last year from old sweaters.  When I cut it off, I was worried that it might begin to fray.  I put a little fabric glue around the cut edges, and it held perfectly so I sewed it on the front.  I think it gives the stocking a Scandinavian look.

This plaid wool stocking (red felt on back)  has a masculine look for the grandboy, and I just love the stag reindeer head too.  I searched and searched for the pattern and finally found a copy in drawer and then hunted it down online for you in case you'd like to use it.  There's a pretty poinsettia template too.  Find them HERE at Midwest Living.

Are you working on some Christmas Elf Projects?  Do tell!


  1. Jody, I bought a $1 stocking at the $ Store and used that for my template. The quilting women laughed at me because I "wasted" a dollar but it made me happy and I still use that same stocking as a pattern. We all have our talents, eh? -smile-

  2. Very nice, Jody. I really love that plaid!

  3. I think they are so nice. I think that is the best thing about cold weather getting to create. Have a lovely day.

  4. So cute, Jody! My childhood stocking is a felt one with a few felt cut outs and with a splattering of embroidery hastily done and a few sequins. The story is my mom was making it on my first Christmas Eve. I love it. It is old and holey and very vintage looking, but very special.

  5. Ah, I LOVE these. I want to make stocking for my children - and should just start out, but for some reason I think it'll get pushed to the wayside? Maybe next year? I love them all though. I think this year we will just use daddy's big knitted socks again. ha!

    I commiserate with your daughter about no sleeping too. I just truly hope one day that I don't feel so tired - I just sorta wonder if this is just it now - how I'll always feel? I don't even mean this badly, I just truly wonder if I'll forever be wiped. :)

    And lastly, I'm trying out your ribs on Wed - I feel nervous because it will be my first time making them and there will be eight men to feed -- so I'm trusting you!!

  6. Not yet! We are still in the middle of moving houses, but I'm enjoying reading about everyone's preparations for Christmas, and seeing their creativity. The stockings are lovely!

  7. Those are so sweet Jody -- the new babies will love them. I love that sweater cuff -- you're so clever! I knitted a few quickie stockings as an experiement and think they turned out pretty cute.

  8. So darned cute! I see you're on top of Christmas projects! (at least one!)

  9. Very sweet. I love them all but especially the plaid one. Christmas must be fun with all those little ones xox Clarice


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