Friday, November 15, 2013

Dog diet experiment...

Chubby Sue and Toodles (a year ago)

I've been doing an experiment on my dog.  She was getting fat.  No.  She has been fat for a couple years.  I tried feeding her less dog food.  I tried low-fat dog food and dog food for mature dogs.  Nothing seemed to budge her pudge.  Her hair seemed dull and she seemed rather blah.  I started thinking about what dogs would eat naturally -- raw meat and maybe raw eggs.  In the spring she eats lots of afterbirth.  I did a little reading about feeding dogs raw foods and made the decision to try it on Sue.  What happened in just a few months is miraculous.  She got slim and not just that --she feels spunky and acts like a 2 year old instead of a nine year old dog.

 Healthy & fit Sue today.

All I did was to add 2 eggs a day to her regular once-a-day feeding of dry dog food.  About two times a week or so, I feed her a little raw meat and raw bones.  That's it.  I didn't take away her dry chow, but merely added the raw foods.  She is full of energy, happy, shiny and healthy.  I was telling a vet assistant about what I had been feeding her and she asked me, "How old is Sue?"  When I told her almost 9 years old, she couldn't believe it.  I'm tickled that Miss Sue is so much healthier and happier.

The Holiday Cactus (blooms Halloween through Easter)

Guess what else is happy and healthy?  The Holiday(Christmas) Cactus is joyfully blooming in my laundry room again. I love it.


  1. You must all be thrilled about Miss Sue's new lease on life!

    And your cactus is inspiring me...a few months ago I sort of inherited a huge Christmas cactus, which I didn't really want, but I broke it into pieces and made starts out of them. They are all still outdoors, and now that I'm seeing how lovely yours is, it makes me think I should try to find a place inside for at least one of mine...maybe the part that is still big. Otherwise it might not last long, and it almost certainly won't bloom!

  2. I will be trying that now, I have done all of the same things with Sasha and she just keeps gaining weight, so I will see how it works, I just hate seeing Sasha gain weight like she seems to be doing.
    Your Christmas Cactus looks so pretty.

  3. Wow! Sue looks great! How loving of you, Jody!

  4. Jody, thanks for reminding me to add eggs to the dog's diet; haven't done that in a long while. Beautiful Christmas cactus!

  5. Wow, you can really see a difference! Sue looks like a pup in the second photo. Good job!


  6. Wow. That's amazing Jody. So, it sounds to me like she's actually eating more now? Am I missing something? If that's true, how does the weight loss happen? I wonder if something like this would work for cats? Our cats are PUDGY! ;-D

  7. Interesting! Thanks for this info. It's good to keep in mind for the pups.

  8. We once visited a family that had a huge German shepherd, one of the largest breeds. The family fed him two pounds of either raw ground beef or raw chicken every day. He was beautiful (as well as expensive:).

  9. Your cactus is beautiful. I know it brings you a lot of joy. And Sue looks bright eyed and bushy tailed! My own doggie could use some of that. Heck, so could I! :)


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