Saturday, November 23, 2013

Children and sleeping and other things they do and do not....

I've been chatting with my daughter a lot lately.  Well, we honestly talk every single day on the phone and least once and usually more than once.  It might be for just a minute to clarify a recipe, or it might be five minutes to discuss the current weather, or it might be for an hour, depending on the children's decibel level.  Why is it when you're on the phone and there are children in your house, the decibel level goes up and they want to talk to you?    Anyway, much of the time my daughter talks to me about her children and the difficulty of raising them.  Sometimes she asks for advice, but much of the time, I think she just wants someone to talk to about it who can commiserate and say, " Don't worry honey, this too shall pass."  (My MIL used to say this to me.)

One days while talking to OnlyDaughter on the phone, she was telling me about how her children don't sleep which translates into -- she and her husband don't sleep.  I don't think they've slept a whole night through since 2010.

As she was dumping her no-sleep woes on me, she said curtly, "It must be nice to sleep every single night, all night long."

I truthfully yet cynically said, "Yes, it IS lovely."

To which she sheepishly replied, "Ummm, I guess you've paid your dues."

To which I replied, "Ah, yes, I have!"

I am certain that I invented the shared family bed that is touted as the new modern family norm.  It wasn't meant to happen in my world, because I intended for every family member to sleep in his or her own bed always and every night without waking up, but when the mother is a totally exhausted zombie and the baby needs to nurse and the 2-year old has been up with a cough most of the night, everyone gets to sleep in the big bed.  One of our babies slept with us so much that he thought my silky nightie was his blankie.  In fact, he dragged it around the house with him to suck his thumb.  It was fine at home, but we couldn't have that in public or when the grandparents came so I finally bought a couple silky neckerchiefs  to stuff in my purse.  (Ah-hem.)

Just this morning I got an email from OnlyDaughter with the following video.  It was so hilariously true I just had to share it with you.  She said it reminded her of her just-married-brother who wants to start a family soon.  I hope it makes you laugh-out-your- eyes like it did me. 


  1. I have tears streaming down my face! Thanks for that laugh! :)

    Lisa L

  2. Oh thank you for the laugh! I'd send it to my 2nd son (they're expecting their first in Feb) but I'm afraid it might be too discouraging :) I well remember the family bed! I'd have all 5 kids on it every morning - and we only had a double bed. We have a Queen now and hardly know what to do with all the room :)

  3. LOL! I watched that video, too. And you have explained perfectly why we have a king size bed. My kids (except for one) are taller than me now, but one morning a couple of months ago we were startled to wake up and find a certain 16-year-old girl (who shall remain nameless) asleep with us. Someone should NOT have watched a scary movie before bed.....All that to say, I have given up my expectation of sleeping through the night:)

  4. Funny! I do appreciate my sleep and our cuddly bed with just us!

  5. OK...the blankie story is hilarious. So funny I laughed and laughed.

  6. He's hilarious -- thanks for the good laugh this morning. And you should send your nightie story to him -- pretty darn funny!!!

  7. SOOO Funny!!! I actually tried the "I'm just going to leave" trick with Tyler the other day and he reacted the same way, "See you!" No fear. Ben compares getting the kids out of the house to herding cats...everyday. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. I loved this and I do remember that we practices sleep deprivation experiments for at least 10 or so years. In fact I still remark that my house is the house that never sleeps. I had a son who did the same thing with my nightgown, he would go get it out of my drawer and suck his thumb too.
    I try to be more understanding to the girls than people were with me.
    I had my babies sleep in our bed too just because I don't think I would have ever slept. My husband never slept as sound as he did with a little shaver sleeping between us. Such nice memories today Jody, thank you.

  9. Loved the video! :D
    Thanks so much for the sweet sympathy card. God is good! I'm so glad for the chance I've had to get to know you all these many years. (Aren't we getting old? Or is it just me?) Hugs to you and your family!

  10. didn't watch the video but did chuckle at your comment on sleeping now. each generation thinks we're the only ones, don't we? we're so silly...

  11. Ain't it the truth! I am so thankful to be able to sleep through the night now.

  12. Bggg LOL and oh so true. I am not sure I have ever gotten a good night sleep since I got pregnant 24 years ago. You just get to a point where you forget how to sleep ;-) Clarice

  13. Such a sweet story..and your relationship with your daughter is so similar to e and Mom. We talked daily..for reasons and for fun...just because we love to talk to each wonderful memories...happy thanksgiving! Dianntha

  14. Oh, my goodness, that video is the funniest thing I've watched in ages! I think it's nice you talk to your daughter so often. I know I felt much closer to my mom once I had kids. I certainly appreciated her a lot more!


  15. I'd like to recommend a book for your daughter: Elizabeth Pantley's, "The No-Cry Sleep Solution". The author has many practical ideas on how to get a baby to sleep well. Also, she is respectful of the variations in parenting - how some things don't work for certain personalities, etc. I appreciate that she doesn't come across as a "know-it-all" but rather as a compassionate, understanding writer who is only trying to help find solutions for exhausted parents.


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