Sunday, October 13, 2013

Li'l Boy Blue's quilt...

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn.
Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
He's under the haystack fast asleep.

~Mother Goose

Another quilt is done. 
It's for Li'l Boy Blue, our new grandboy.

I did a simple wiggly line free-motion quilt design.


  1. VERY cute! I love the colors, Jody!

  2. Such a cute quilt Jody. Current and beautiful

  3. Perfect Jody! I love it -- one of my very favorite types of quilts -- big patchy squares. Think of all the fun times your new grandboy will have rolling around on his quilt!

  4. What a fun quilt for the Boy! I can just picture it as a teepee or fort or being dragged around as he toddles around exploring his little world. And the when dirty-faced and exhausted, he clutches it in his arms, as he drifts off to naptime.


  5. beautiful quilt; is the wiggle by hand or machine? I'm sorry I don't understand your terminology? like how some blocks are the same fabric as back...nice design element.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and boyish! the colors!

  7. Very pretty! Such great take on boy colors without it being traditional. It matches your blog. :)

  8. This quilting business really is the sort of thing you feel you should produce one of before you die. To affirm your womanhood. I remain unaffirmed!!

  9. It is so lovely. I like that quilt. I need to get one for my grandson and then start one for my grand daughter who will be born at Thanksgiving. I am getting behind.

  10. Very nice. If you think of it, show us a close-up of the quilting/sewing on the quilt. I want to see what you mean.

  11. I'm an ardent quilt admirer! Wish I could be a quilt maker but I have no talent with needle and thread. Your's is lovely!

  12. Love it--love the colors! Like M.K., I would enjoy seeing a close-up picture of the quilting.


  13. I will chime in and say, yes, please, a close up, and yes, I also love those colors.

    How many grandchildren does this make for you now, Jody? Again, congratulations!

  14. Love the backing on it.

    So precious for this wee grandson to have his very OWN blanket to snuggle in. It looks so nice. :)


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