Friday, October 04, 2013

Got snow?

Yesterday was the perfect fall day, glorious in every way.  It was one of those days you really savor and try to etch in your memory because you know there are so few of them left.  It was the "calm before the storm."  This morning we woke up to goose down snowflakes falling heavy and wet.  The trees, still in leaf, are bending and touching the ground.  We whacked off as much snow from the lower limbs and small trees as we could.  Hubs had a long wood pole and I had a golf cub.  Sadly, as I walked around the premises all I heard was the snapping of branches from the surrounding shelter belts and trees.    We received 1.6" of rain yesterday and now snow on top of the wet mud.  I'm estimating 6" so far with much of snow melting underneath as the ground is warm.  In the higher elevations and hills they are expecting 2 feet of snow today.  The electricity is down here and in some of the surrounding towns.  OnlyDaughter has her wood-burning stove going in her house in town with a pot of chilli on top.  (smart girl!)

Now the wind is picking up and the weatherman says we'll have blizzard conditions.  I'd say we've got a good blizzard going right now.  I'm so thankful for a cozy warm house.  Blessed.


  1. The snow looks beautiful, but it sounds like it's doing some damage. Stay warm and dry! It might be a good weekend for making a quilt ...


  2. Snow???!! WOA! Keep cozy! xxx

  3. Oh My, We are have record warm here. Yesterday and today 83! I do hope you are well prepared! I know you usually are...our leaves have not started to change color yet and I am not ready for winter at all! Dianntha

  4. Goodness me ~ blizzard !!
    It has been unseasonably warm in Massachusetts.
    Yesterday it was 85 degrees here.
    Sending you warm wishes ,perhaps I should also send a scarf !

  5. Wow!...can't believe you are having all that
    snow!!! It is in the 90's in my neck of the woods
    ....yuck! I'd rather be in your nice cozy home getting
    all warmed up instead of this heat! I can't wait to cook up
    some nice hot chili....sounds soooooo good!

  6. Oh my... that's a bit of a shock to me as I scroll down...
    Wood stoves are such a great blessing when the electricity goes out...

  7. We had snow this morning, but it's gone now. Your land looks completely different. I hope the tree destruction isn't too bad. Yikes! We turned the heat on, so fall is on. Have a great weekend, Jody!

  8. Oh my gosh, stay close to that stove, is it rare to have a blizzard on the 4th day of October?
    We are having a dust storm today, I would like a little white stuff instead. :)

  9. Glad everyone is safe and sound. It is quite the little fall blizzard isn't it? Stay warm.

  10. Oh wow, Jody. Snow and pumpkins...those are two things this texas girl is not used to seeing together. Is this the typical time for a first snow where you live? It is so incredibly beautiful.

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed that perfect, last fall day. What you said about it, "It was one of those days you really savor and try to etch in your memory because you know there are so few of them left," I think is what I have been feeling here; you have helped me to identify it. :-) I will have another week or two, maybe, before I have to shut all the windows and build a fire...

  12. Oh goodness, Jody! I know this is expected in your part of the country, but ... we haven't even had fall yet here! Wow. The snow is so beautiful. Stay warm and safe!

  13. SNOW!!! Sorry about the trees. Your cold front finally reached us -- with lots of rain. Now we're going to be back to gorgeous fall weather. I hope you've warmed up by now too!


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