Monday, October 28, 2013

Cold enough for....

Doughnut supper. 
24*  a little snow and howling wind. 

 Page 619 of The Joy.
No Knead Yeast Coffee Cake or Panettone
(minus all the fruit & nuts)

 Cast iron skillet and fresh tallow.

 I make doughnuts like Mrs. Wilder --
Almanzo's mom -- from the book, Farmer Boy.

Almanzo took the biggest doughnut from the pan and bit off its crisp end. Mother was rolling out the golden dough, slashing it into long strips, rolling and doubling and twisting the strips. Her fingers flew; you could hardly see them. The strips seemed to twist themselves under her hands, and to leap into the big copper kettle of swirling hot fat.  Plump! they went to the bottom, sending up bubbles. Then quickly they came popping up, to float and slowly swell, till they rolled themselves over, their pale golden backs going into the fat and their plump brown bellies rising out of it.

None of this round doughnut cutting stuff for me. I like self-turning doughnuts.
I dip mine in cinnamon sugar, bite by bite.

I had a little time to work on a Wee project today.
It was a good day.


  1. Oh ,I loved the part where they float to the top . I so want one now !
    Your wee project looks quite cute .

  2. Reading about the Wilders' doughnuts did make me want to make some/eat some! I admire you for making your own tallow.
    And that little project looks very sweet -- I can't wait to see the finished project. Love the hair!

  3. Oh, I love donuts, and that paragraph from Wilder's book is so perfect for describing the behavior of donuts! Yum. Glad you had a good day. BTW, when I click on your blog's main page (click on the header) there's some random text drifting across the top, under the leaf photo. Looks like part of a blog post or something. Might want to check it out :)

  4. Yay -- you had time for doughnut supper!!! I love that you call it "The Joy" -- I first heard that from a friend of mine several years ago -- I think it's universal. Can't wait to see your new little project!

  5. I've never heard TJOC referred to as "The Joy," but I like it. I've been itching to make donuts for awhile now, but have always been a bit afraid of the hot oil. Yours look dandy!


  6. I have been thinking of that same passage in Farmer Boy lately. I have the Little House Cookbook so I have been thinking of getting it out and making donuts. It has to be cold though and yesterday was our first cold day. I also loved how you rendered tallow. My girls will only use lard now to cook with. Well and butter.
    You asked about that rug, yes it is big enough to go in front of the kitchen sink. It is 29x37 finished. Have a lovely day.

  7. yay, doughnuts! I've never fried my own....just attempted a muffin recipe that claimed to taste like a cinnamon sugar doughnut. They were good too!

  8. You are killing me (I have not had breakfast yet). Okay it will be a doughnut night for us soon too. Maybe on our apple dinner. Thanks for the inspiration. Clarice

  9. Yum to the doughnuts and your wee project is adorable.

  10. Oh yummmmm. You know how to cook dinner and make my mouth water! Love that red headed baby doll, too.

  11. Yum! Farmer Boy has the best food descriptions! My boys always wanted to know why they couldn't have pie for breakfast too :)

  12. Delish! I like to make doughnuts this time of year as well. -Haven't done it for a couple years, though. We're about due. So good! You're tempting me!

  13. We are in the midst of a full on blizzard! Sounds like a good day for a doughnut supper.

    I thought of you the other day as I hunted down that caramel apple recipe off your blog and made it with the girls. Oh, the excitement that ensued!

    Hope your weekend is a happy one. :)

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