Friday, July 06, 2012

Horses, cows, and bouquets...

 This is Red.  I call him Reddy because I love him.  He was my ride for the day.  We started artificially inseminating (AI-ing) cows as of yesterday.  This means that each day, morning and night, we mount up and ride to the horse pasture and gather the cows and calves up into the corner of the fence and hold them there while Hubby sorts out the cow/calf pairs who are in heat.  My job is mostly to hold cows and not let them get away, while the other guys do more helping with sorting and moving them down the fence line.  I figured out today that Reddy is a bit lame and he nearly fell down with me, poor thing.  I'll probably not ride him tomorrow, but will pick Pete instead.
Here is Hubby with his good horse, PC doing the Thing that they does so well -- cutting out cattle.
He's really good on a horse.

 After we were done riding, we put the horses back into the corral pen and P.C. does what he always does after a ride -- rolls his sweaty body around in the dirt.  We call him Pig Pen for short! 

 We had a little, tiny rain last night.  Just 3/10 of an inch of rain.  Most ranchers around us got between an inch to three inches of rain overnight.  It was nice that it was wet and not blowing dirt around this morning.  In fact, we had a misty-moisty kind of day and all the while we rode, it felt like someone was misting us with a spray bottle.  Much, much better than 100* and wind.

 I decided if I was going to have a garden bouquet this summer, I'd best be for picking one.  So I did this afternoon.  I love garden bouquets and this one is made up of lilies, prairie cone flowers, and dill from my flower beds.  I like it.  I doubt there will be very many more garden bouquets this summer.  It's just too dry despite my efforts at watering.

After I had picked my bouquet, my sweet man came home with this lovely rose bouquet from town -- an early birthday present.  Isn't he thoughtful?  I'm blessed.


  1. Reddy looks like a great horse! I just love your bouquet and am so glad you got a little rain:).


  2. I don't know which is prettier--the flowers or the horses!

    Glad you've had a little break from the dust. We have two more days of high heat, and then it's supposed to break and be a wonderful 85 degrees. Can't wait!


  3. hopefully Red isn't too bad off! I love the dill in the bouquet...good idea!

  4. Loved the shots of the horses and the flowers. Glad you were misted!

  5. Please email me and tell me your birthday date!
    Aw! Your hubs is so nice. He appreciates his wonderful wife! I like him!
    The horses are so pretty!

  6. Oh, my Annagirl would be in heaven with those great horses. Lovely bouquet for an even lovelier lady. :)

  7. It looks like a very nice day. I love the flowers.

  8. Love that shot of your horse on his back -- it looks so fun LOL. I hope your bit of rain is headed our way. Isn't is amazing -- no amount of watering can make up for what should fall from the sky. Your flowers are beautiful!

  9. Pretty prairie bouquet -- I like the dill mixed in. Warmest happy birthday wishes and blessings!

  10. I love it when horses have fun and your flowers are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Oh, your house is full of flowers! And always a haven from the hot and windy days, because you are The Flower that comforts the souls of your men.

  12. Love your garden bouquet. Especially the use of dill!!! xox Clarice

  13. I love your pictures of life on the ranch. Thanks for sharing them:)

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