Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Blue snow cone...

 We all went to the park today to listen to Cousin L. sing in the regional  Texaco Country Showdown singing contest.  It was a good time sitting in the shade on lawn chairs and on blankets, sipping cold water and ice cold pop and eating snow cones.  Miss Bee had her first snow cone, and Papa decided it should be blue.  You know, Blue Lips!  Every mama wants to see her child with blue snow cone stains on her lips, teeth, neck and shirt, right?  It was another hot, hot day, typical for the 4th of July festivities.

Cousin L. WON the competition today and will go on to the Dakotas' state finals in a couple of weeks.  He's a young kid, just graduated high school with big singing dreams.  He loves the old-time classic country,  and  he sings it really well.  This afternoon he sang a Marty Robbins song, Don't Worry and Johnny Cash's classic, Folsom Prison Blues.  The crowd loved it.  Cousin L. will be singing the National Anthem every night of the Round-up Rodeo too!  We wish him all the best!

Here's to hot, summer days, 4th of July,country music, buckin' broncs, and blue lips!
Happy Birthday America!


  1. What a sweet profile Miss Bee has, even when it is blue. Sounds like a fun time. Congrats to your cousin!

  2. Smile! Smile! Smile! I love the blue lips and Papa's part in it! So cute!
    How happy that your sweet country singer is winning! He must be amazing! Hooray!
    Happy birthday to our good land!

  3. Congats to him, Jody!! There's almost nothing more fun that getting to sing a lot, when your voice is in shape, and loving it :) That's great!

  4. Wow. Congratulations to your cousin. sounds like you all had a good time. There is nothing cuter than your grandchild. I'm jealous.

  5. Those are darling snow cone pictures :) And how wonderful that your Cousin L. won the singing competition! Best of luck to him as he pursues his dreams.

  6. Awww blue snow cones lips. The true sign of summer xox Clarice


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