Monday, February 27, 2012

I need a housewife...

We were up early this morning and got our barn chores done -- checking the lambs and the ewes and feeding the bum lambs. The two revived lambs were thriving and seemed healthy enough.  One went back to his mother and she was glad to welcome him back.  The other is living with the rest of the bum lambs and is doing well.  I came in to warm up with a cup of coffee while T. went to feed with the tractor.  I spent a little time reading my Bible, but what I really wanted to do this morning was to sing.  Sing hymns.  In days gone by, I sang a hymn or two every morning with my kids.  It was such a sweet time and I am thankful for those memories and songs.  Today I turned the pages of my hymnal to A Mighty Fortress is Our God (a family favorite), It is Well With My Soul, and What a Friend We have in Jesus.  It just felt good to sing this morning.

It was a very full day today.  More triplets were born, and more bum lambs were added to the pens as we turned out the triplet-moms with only two lambs each.  Now the bummies number 16 and counting.  I'm mixing up a gallon of powdered lamb milk for each feeding, five times a day.  Thankfully, I have help feeding them.  It's a lot easier to double-team the babies as any mother knows.

I took a quick trip to town with Hubs.  We had to get a trichinosis test for a bull who will be traveling to CA soon, and then we picked up supplies -- 50 pounds of lamb milk, more nipples, chicken feed, and a few groceries.  I took a half an hour and went to The Bakery (my fabric store) with G. and Betsy to check out the possibilities for kitchen/dining room curtain fabrics.  And found!  I'm anxious to get sewing.....soon.

Prairie Paisley by Moda

An hour and a half later and we were back in the truck and on the road to home, and back to our sheep and cows.  I helped the guys get the heifers in to give them a booster vaccination which will help prevent scours from happening in their baby calves when they are born.  While they were vaccinating, I spent an hour resting (ahhhh) and sipping a cup of coffee and then went back up to the lambing barn.

I told Hubby that I need a housewife -- someone to fix us a hot supper each night, someone to tidy up the house and keep us in clean socks and underwear.  She could fix us a delicious snack once in awhile and make the house smell lovely with a lavender-scented mopped floor.  Oh, and wouldn't it be nice if the curtains were sewed-up and hanging prettily at sparkling clean windows?  If I only had a housewife.

Even so....I managed to fix us a nice supper in a half an hour.  Chicken-friend steaks with mushroom gravy, baked sweet potatoes, and roasted asparagus.  Oh boy, did it taste good!  It was worth the wait.  Hubs said, "Take a picture of this meal," so I did. 
The weatherman is calling for a possible snowstorm starting tomorrow and continuing through Tuesday.  It has been cold enough here each day without a snowstorm, but we'll deal with that if and when it comes.  One day at a time; do the next thing.  That's my mantra. Since the housewife didn't show up, I guess I'll go fold the laundry.


  1. Spring time on a farm is so busy. I remember growing up on the ranch that when it was calving season, we went non stop. If you find a good source for a housewife let me know. I really need more art time.

  2. You farm wives are THE most amazing housewives!

  3. I take my hat off to you...a very hard-working woman and a great housewife. Hugs to you Jody, xxx

  4. I couldn't see the picture of your curtain fabric, but I googled it -- it's perfect! Even the name is perfect! I've chosen the fabric for my kitchen curtains too and I'm itching to get started -- just need to get that kitchen ceiling painted first.

    Have you thought of singing hymns to the bummies???

  5. My favorite part of this post was that Hubby said "Take a picture of this meal" Love it!!
    Oh girl, I could use a housewife right about now and I don't have any animals to look after!!

  6. Yum, your picturesque meal looks wonderful! Wish I sang hymns around the house. I'm a little too inhibited for that, but I do love the idea! A housewife is an excellent idea, but I have a feeling you do just fine, girl! God bless your days and give you rest! :D

  7. You have me laughing. You are an amazing woman and you will "get your reward in heaven" (that's my mama used to say when any of us "murmured", not that you don't have cause. Sheesh, I'm tired just reading your post). Love your paisley curtain fabric.

  8. I like your mantra! I am living by that these days too. You are a wonderful farm and housewife! That meal looks delicious!


  9. Oh, it WOULD be so nice to have a housewife. I would be so nice to her!
    I like your curtain fabric! Red is so cheery!

  10. I have said that many times, myself! Makes you realize all that you do to make your house a cozy home..I'm amazed that you could do all that work plus have the energy to cook a meal! I suspect you are enjoying the outdoors-y work and the ranching partnership...

  11. You do need a housewife, J! I don't know how you do it all. And I love the idea of singing hymns in the morning - what a great way to start the day!
    Oh, love your fabric too!


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