Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm dreaming of a garden....

There's nothing to do here to begin gardening.... except to dream of gardening.  And to me, that's a good beginning.  A friend posted these lovely videos of Ruth Stout who has written some books about work-free vegetable gardening.  I haven't read any yet, but I want to.  The secret to Ruth's gardening technique is to much heavily with old hay and straw.  I'll leave you to dream about gardening with these two videos of Ruth doing her thing and telling her story in her own words. By the way, Ruth died at the ripe old age of 96, and from what I can gather, she was gardening up to the end of her life.

The video below I found while looking further into "No Dig Potatoes." You're gonna love this idea! I'm dreaming of a no-dig potato patch!  How about you?


  1. My MIL died at 98. I do believe she gardened right up until the summer that she passed away.

    This has made my gardening bug even worse. I think I'll have to get out the seed catalogue now and do some drooling.


  2. Loved these videos, Jody! Our potatoes have always fallen victim to potato bugs. Hoping to have a garden this year after many years of not having one. These "no dig" videos give me hope!

  3. I love the videos of Ruth Stouts. I saw them a while ago (my sister told me about them).
    It's amazing, that potato growing.

  4. Oh yay - no work gardening is right up my alley! It does get old trying to fight off bugs & keep things watered in the dead of summer. Thanks for the good info -- as always!

  5. I just forwarded your post to my dh - we've been dreaming about gardening too - and trying a new way for our potatoes. Every year they have scab on them! Thanks Jody!

  6. I had a gardening book years ago that used this method, and now I'm wondering if it was hers. Never did try it, but it makes a lot of sense.

  7. We have enjoyed this video numerous times already. What a cutie! She reminds me of my own sweet mother-in-law who we will miss gardening with! She went to be with Jesus last September. This is such an interesting way to garden...I always knew it should be easier! I will try a few of her ideas for sure.


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