Saturday, February 18, 2012

from the Arizona desert to the lambing shed....

The Man and I took a little time away from the ranch and flew down to sunny Arizona to watch our youngest son play in his first college golf tournament.  Even though he didn't play top notch, he placed 15th among 60 players.  Not bad.

 We enjoyed driving the back roads between Phoenix and Tucson and I couldn't resist taking some desert pictures.

Handsome male Gambel's Quail.

We got back late last night and there was business going on in the lambing shed.  (These are the crooks we use to hook the lambs or ewes to bring them inside.)

 This mama ewe had herself triplets!  We've already had two sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets, and several sets of twins.  It's a busy nursery!  I have two bum lambs right now to feed since one of the quaud-moms and two of her babies didn't make it.  The two left behind are good little lambies.  If we keep on having quads and triplets, I'm afraid the bum pen will be very large, and I'll get my old job back -- bottle washing, bottle filling, and bottle feeding.  I don't mind.

It was fun to get away and play, but as the saying goes,
 "There's no place like home." 


  1. Great pics! I love the cacti -- esp. the one that looks like a man with his hands on his hips :) And so many lambs! My brother has a few sheep, and I think he only ever gets twins. Once I think he tried grafting an orphan lamb to a mother that lost her lamb, by using the skin of the dead one. At first I was surprised to see that you sheer them right before they give birth, but I bet that makes it a lot less messy :) Glad you could get away on a short vacation.

  2. Those AZ pix are amazing--so beautiful and ... well, arid, I guess. The lambs are beautiful! I always love getting back home after a trip.


  3. I love seeing all the babies.....they are so cute!!!
    Glad you had a great trip...15 out of 60 pretty good in my book!
    Well maybe one of these days I can make it down that way to come see babies....we are getting ready for the second round of calving with many more to go....

  4. I missed you, friend!
    I'm glad you got some sunshine in AZ and yahoo for golfer son!
    Oh, the lambs. Hooray! I see spring coming and I love your ranch.
    HAD to pin the triplets, you know!

  5. Good for your son! And good for you and DH for getting a little break -- you work hard! The little lambies are so cute ;).


  6. Well done to that son of yours! :) And wow, lots and lots of lambies! xx

    (the cacti pics were amazing!)

  7. Welcome home. Talk about different places. I bet all that sun and warm was nice but like you said there in nothing like home xox CLarice

  8. I love the desert -- and the drama of it is so fun for taking pictures.

    Your many lambs remind me of Jacob and how his herds were blessed with extra productivity by the Lord.

  9. My husband's brother and sister both have homes outside of Tucson. Your photos captured the beautiful desert perfectly. I think you must have needed that vacation! Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead.

    By the way, is there any cuter than baby lambs? I think not.

  10. Your a bit ahead of us. We shear this weekend and start lambing shortly after. We don't have quite as many multiple births as you're having but I usually end up with about 10 dogie lambs every year.

    Here's hoping for a great year!! Our calf crop was excellent with our mild winter! Now we'll just cross our fingers and keep praying for the lambs to do well =)

  11. Ah, sunny Southern North America. Kudos to your son. Fifteenth of sixty is quite impressive! And what a wonderful thing to return home to. Well, at least I think so. I don't have to wash the bottles....

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Oh how sad about the quad mom and the babies. Those little lambies are so cute. They're probably very happy to have you home with your beautiful desert shots!

  13. Such a contrast! I am glad you got a break before baby lamb duty hit. So, this makes me wonder how many mama sheep do you usually lose during lambing? Are all these quads typical? I have to agree about home, no place like it.

  14. Hi! I so enjoy your blog. I am Sweet Home Livin's Mother-in law. Would you mind if I put you on my blog list? Our daughter lives in your MT as well and loves ranch life. It is fun to see yours.

  15. G'day Gumbo Lily. Great photos. Love the lambs, they are so cute. Take care. Liz...

  16. Love your pics. What a contrast from Arizona back home! Love the lambies. So sweet, but so much work for you. But the new life in the barn must be wonderful. Welcome back!

  17. The lambs are too cute, I'd love to offer my help with bottle you need an assistant Jody ;);) Your mama sheep have been busy with the multiple births :-)
    It's good to take a break and all the better going to sunny places. So glad you had a good time. The cactus are fascinating and I love the one that looks like a man.
    I was away up in the north with my A who was racing (county Durham) and we saw our first lambs on the way home.
    Welcome home X


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