Saturday, October 22, 2011

of cookies and donuts...

 It really IS fall!  It seems all I think about these days are those heavy-carb comfort foods like  potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies and homemade donuts.  Perhaps I'm instinctively  preparing for a long, hard winter.  I sure wouldn't want to get caught in a cold snap with my weight energy down and sapped.  I could blame attribute my baking frenzy on weekend guests, I suppose. ThirdChild came home on Friday to help us pour concrete and then stayed the night to help with today's project which was to revamp an old cake/grain bin into a storage shed for the OldestChild and his family.  The Grandfolks came out for this project since Grandpa Schu is good with electricity and has awesome carpentry skills.

Friday I baked the chocolate chips cookies in anticipation of visitors and squirreled away several dozen in the freezer for pop-in company or for the days when I really need a good cookie to eat alongside my afternoon coffee.
Today, while Grandma was here, she thought it would be a good idea to fry up some cake donuts -- a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Notice the names on the card:  Linda, Velma, and Hilda.  Can you guess their nationality?  If you said Norwegian, you be right!  Uffda!  I asked Linda if she noticed that all these women had "a" at the end of their names?   Apparently not until today.

I mostly watched the process and kept the Don Williams music playing while Grandma did all the work -- mixing, cutting and frying.  I did set out all the ingredients like a good assistant should.  While Grandma worked,  I whacked up a pumpkin pie for dessert after supper.  We make a pretty good cooker team.

After all the donuts were fried and sugared, we made a thermos of coffee to take to the guys next door.  We brought a big plate of fresh, warm donuts and were they ever happy.  Uffda mega! (translation:  big uffda) 

Guess what we'll be having for First Breakfast tomorrow with our coffee?  Mmmm.  Mmmm. Mmmm.

I just couldn't resist one more picture of Fluff and his biggest fan, Peach!  She can carry him any ol' way she wants and he doesn't care a flip.  Gotta love that kind of cat. I hope you're loading up on plenty of carbs this fall.  If not, just follow me home and I'll fatten feed you properly!


  1. Yummy! Bill's dad had a little cafe in Eastern Washington and he made donuts every morning! They looked just like Grandma's!
    You guys are busy baking bees!
    (We're in Boston, getting ready to go to the airport for our hop to Bar Harbor. Yippee!)

  2. Oh cake donuts are my very favorite -- especially dunked in coffee! I haven't had breakfast yet, and now I think I might die if I don't get one of those donuts asap. And yes, I've been all about making pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy and the like around here too -- hardly cooked a thing all summer, but I'm ready for those good old stews and comforts foods now.
    Blessings (and send donuts ;),

  3. What a lovely day and I love the donuts. I love making donuts so much. I love watching my kids stand around as they come out of the frying pan and want to eat them that way.
    It sounds like the best kind of day at your house. I love the picture of the kitty getting a ride. He looks like he knew what he was doing.
    Have a wonderful day. I have had the same baking urge too. Just can't help myself, yesterday was apple pie, maybe pumpkin today?

  4. Can you believe it - my oven is on the blink - it's been out for 2 weeks. Seriously hampering my fall baking urges. I may take you up on your offer and follow you home :)

  5. Uffda for sure...and it always comes with coffee.

  6. I'll be RIGHT over! Save me some donuts! I adore donuts, and those look SO good :) Glad you had fun, and made all the guys happy!

  7. Oh my. Those donuts! They look delicious. Grandma had a good idea.

  8. I have been like that lately, too. I made a huge batch of banana muffins with ripe bananas I'd stashed in the freezer. Now I stashed most of the muffins in the freezer, too, but I ate more than enough as well!

  9. Oh I do the same thing what is it about cold weather that makes us crave those things!

    Your donuts look just like mine, my recipe came from my grandmother as well. I love and adore them, and could eat a dozen. But I do have to have self control and it is soooooo hard.

    I must make some this week. Thursday we are supposed to be in the 50's Yeah!!!!


  10. Wow -- it sounds like a perfect weekend! I love it when everyone is working together and getting a lot accomplished. And what better thing to make goodies for? Your doughnuts look delicious. And Fluff! What a great cat!!!

  11. This is why I love fall, baking. I am busy filling mine with goodies. Now I need ot make dounuts and coffee, yummm. Clarice

  12. Delish!! I'll be right down! I've never made sugar doughnuts, but I have made chocolate doughnuts. I hear you on the carbs. It's one of the things I love about fall!



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