Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Leatherman...

How many women do you know that you can call Super Woman?  How many tools do you know called a Super Tool?  I only know a woman or two that I might call Super Woman, but there's only one tool called The Super Tool, and that is the Leatherman.  Some folks call this special tool a Swiss Army Knife, and it is very similar, but I think the Leatherman is a lot tougher and sturdier than most.  I've had this ol' workhorse in my junk drawer for years and years.  It's actually Hubby's, but it's in the drawer for all of us to use.
Today I used the Leatherman for a small project for a sweet Peach.  She and I had been digging in her mommy's garden and the gosh darn handle broke right off her Little Girl Shovel.  I thought Peach might just burst into tears then and there, but I told her I would fix it for her while she and her family were away visiting her Nana and her cousins for the day.  ~smile~
The first thing to do was to saw off the jagged end of the wooden handle.  The Leatherman has a really sharp saw blade that whizzed right through.
Next I needed to whittle off some of the sides so the handle could slide all the way down into the metal shaft.  That was easy to do with the knife blade.
Lastly, when the handle fitted perfectly into the shaft, I needed to put a couple screws into it to hold the handle securely onto the shovel.  The Leatherman had a Philips screw driver that handled the job.  Now the shovel is fixed up and Miss Peach thinks I'm SuperGram!
You, too, can be Super Gram, Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Girl or Super Man!
All you need is the super tool.... The Leatherman.  Getchya one!


  1. Sold! That looks like a super cool tool -- I definitely need one. Our youngest had one in his college backpack. Then he went on a trip and forgot it was in his backpack -- sadly, it was confiscated at the airport. Isn't it fun to be SuperGram???

  2. Wow! You are SuperGram!! I have never seen a Leatherman. I'll have to keep my eye's open for one. I like Peach's shovel. I am glad you were able to fix it.


  3. Ok there SuperChick-friend...someone around here has one of those super-gadgets (somewhere) and it isn't me. You see, it's not the gadget, it's having the 'super-smarts' to know how and when to use it! (I don't)

    You always amaze me!


  4. Ah, I bet Miss Peach thinks your super powers far exceed this, as do I! That is one cute shovel.

  5. You ARE Super Gram!!! I'm impressed, both with you and with the tool. That beats any Swiss Army Knife I know!

  6. I had no idea! Now I know what I want in my Christmas stocking...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Wow! You go, Granny!
    I bought Leathermans for my boys. Boys need tools.
    Now with all the tight security at the airport, Leathermans must be left at home. I'm going to ask Jeff where his is.
    He's off for Costa Rica on Saturday! Thank you for your prayers?
    love love love

  8. Yes, a Leatherman is a super tool, but you still have to know how to run it. Great job, Grandma! :)

  9. I have one too! What a tool and you Grandma have become One Little Peach's Hero! Go Super Granny!

  10. The Leatherman is an amazing tool. No, I don't have one but my boys all do. They love them.
    I just have a California legal switchblade in my purse. :)
    My son bought it for me after some bad things happened. My mother in law brought me pepper spray. I just carry the knife though. You know in case I need to fix something.
    I think it is so cute that you were able to fix the shovel.

  11. You are the most happening girl Jody! I do believe you can do anything -- anything! I have a lame little Swiss Army Knife on my key ring, so I can file my nails, cut packages open, or pull hairs out of my chin ;), but I can't do anywhere near all the amazing things you can.
    p.s. If the flood comes, I'm going to your house. You'll probably have a boat built by the time I get there (with all my peeps of course).

  12. G'day Gumbo Lily. Hubby has had a Leatherman for many years, maybe I need to hijack it from him ! Or better still get my own.....Take caer. Liz...

  13. I have one! The needlenose pliers come in handy at the chicken houses for changing out nipples in the water lines. This was so interesting, what you did for Peach.

  14. That looks like a super cool tool! What a tool and you Grandma have become One Little Peach's Hero!

  15. I used to have a Leathermans, someone stole it and now I can't afford another :( so so gutted that I lost it.


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