Friday, October 07, 2011


 Hereford Bull pattern here.
I stitched this bully especially for a just-married friend and bull customer.
I couldn't resist.
His wife gets the dancing apple tea towel that I love to stitch.
I wish for them many happy days 
doing dishes (and other things)


  1. Ok, now that's just tooo cute! I'm thinking I should make one for my Aunt -- they had a cattle ranch for a bajillion years and that's such a cute little gift!

  2. Oh very nice. There is something so nice about sitting and embroidering. The towel looks very cute.

  3. Bully's cute! I like his red accessory.
    It snowed here this morning! Weird, huh?
    I'm off to the mall with Kelli. She likes a shopping buddy.

  4. A perfect Gumbo Lily towel!! Clarice

  5. Jody, that's just amazing! I love the stitching - you don't see that line-stitching very often. Very nice. Congrats to the happy couple!

  6. G'day. Just lovely. Great gift. Take care. Liz...

  7. Very pretty tea towel. Such a lovely personal gift Jody x

  8. That is udderly ;o) adorable! I love the addition of the red rick rack across the bottom too. What a special gift. Your dancing apple towel is lovely too. It almost makes me want to get out the thread and needle.


  9. This made me smile! Love it and it so fits. I need to find a duck pattern. =D

  10. HOORAY!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.

  11. Okay, I'm just ready now to set out on this...Jody, I have no clue how you go about getting a pattern off the internet. Do you print it off on special transfer paper or what? Also, are you able to make the pattern larger when you print it off, or is it as is...? I thought it might be something cool to hang on the wall, but now that I came back and look at it, I might just do a tea towel too.

    Thanks again for sharing.


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