Thursday, February 24, 2011


These were the first twins born.  They have a number 1 spray-painted on their left side to prove it.  Their mother has become very sick so they came in for a bottle of milk.  They may end up as orphans.  We call orphaned lambs or calves "bums."  Not as in "you lazy bums," but as in "bumming milk" from other milking ewes.  I saw them robbing milk in the shed just tonight, trying to get full.

It has been a Full Week.
Full of sheep.
Full of lambs.
Full of buckets of water and bales of hay.
Full of snow( 10" plus) and
Full of cold (sub-zero).
Full of helping hands.
And Full of caring.
My mother-in-love, who was the Best Shepherdess Ever, always said,
"Anyone can tend sheep, you just have to care."
I think that's true about anything.  
If you really care about the sheep (or people),
you usually end up doing the right thing.
Have you ever heard the song Chop Wood and Carry Water
by The Gatlin Brothers?
Well, every time I carry buckets of water to the sheep, I think of that song.
How do I show love?  
Chop wood and carry water.  Build a fire and give a drink to one of God's sons and daughters...
Now, I know that a sheep is not a son or daughter of God, but God did create them, and since He put me and my family here on a ranch with sheep and cattle, I figure He wants us to chop wood (or ice) and carry water for them too.
And's time again to go up to the shed and tend the sheep.  It's cold-- ten below zero-- and there might be a new baby born in the straw. 
 "God has a purpose for my life.  No other person can take my place.  It isn't a big place, to be sure, but for years I have been molded in a peculiar way to fill a peculiar niche in the world's work."
~Charles Steizle


  1. Oh my dear, dear, dear shepherdess, I am praying for you as you care for the sheep and the lambs.

  2. Awww, that's so sad about the mama. What a lovely job you have as shepherdess though. Your 10" is on it's way here -- we're supposed to get a bunch overnight tonight. Yay!

  3. Just found your blog [via PomPom] and loving it! intend to spend weekend reading back through earlier posts.
    Don't have sheep or chickens - but as a pastor's wife, am very busy helping him with HIS flock!!
    blessings xx

  4. Oh you are a dear shepherdess for sure! I love the ranch/farm attitude about just having to do it and when you can get joy and doing it what a blessing. I'll think of you and pray for some warmth to come your way...

  5. I meant to type "joy in doing it"

  6. Sweet Jody! I've felt a little like that this week too -- taking care of my little injured kitty. Although, I have a much easier task than you!

  7. Love is love. If we are unkind in any way, it is dipleasing to God and will bite us down the road. xoxo Clarice

  8. Lovely post. I always think of the verse in Proverbs that says...a righteous man has compassion on the life of his beasts.


  9. Beautiful post ~ love the quote. Those twin lambs are darling. I imagine many living parables surround you on the ranch... I'm also thinking a hot bubble bath is in order, following all that hard work out in the cold!

    Warm hugs,

  10. Oh, it sounds like you have had a very busy week. It must be very gratifying caring for lives that are so depend on your help so fully.


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