Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mini-bike basket...

I just finished the bike basket for Hazel Peach's new Strider
-- a birthday gift from Grammy and Papa.
I had to make an adjustment to the velcro tab that attaches the basket to the handlebars.
The Strider has a middle bar between the handlebars so I had to make two velcro attachments.

Now we're ready to roll!


  1. Crafty and oh, so adorable!
    Won't the two of you be a picture biking together!

  2. Hazel Peach has a tough looking bike! Cute! What will she put in her basket?

  3. How fun...they are really cute! :D

  4. Your fabric baskets are so cute and clever! Since I have a wooden basket on my bike I am going to take your advice and make a liner for it!

  5. Oh my gosh, don't you want to make baskets for everything !!! Clarice

  6. Adorable! Can she really ride that bike? Is she big enough! What a great picture. You are one rockin' grandma Jody!!!! The flower is the perfect touch. You need to give a little tutorial on how to make one because I would like to jazz up a bulletin board I made with a few.

  7. Wow this looks so sweet and cute! I wanna try to make it.
    Thanks for sharing,


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