Friday, July 09, 2010

Bike Bucket-Basket

I took the bike to the bike repair guy and got it all tuned up as well as a new tube for my back tire.  It rides so smoothly even over our bumpy gravel roads.  I had looked for a new basket here and there and just didn't find what I was looking for so I concluded that I would try to make my own basket -- maybe with fabric.  I was surfing around for ideas and came upon a Bike Basket idea at NoodleheadThis tutorial is for a child's bike, but I knew I could apply the same principles and make a larger basket for my bike.  I traced the bottom, back and sides of my old wicker basket to make a pattern and went to stitching.

This is what I came up with.  A sturdy denim basket with a groovy 70's style fabric liner.  I like it.  I skipped the instruction to add heavy interfacing to it, but I am going to insert some sewable boning in the top edge so it is stiff and stands open more like it should.   I also want to make a fabric flower for it, but haven't decided on how I'll do that yet.  There are some fun ideas here, here, and here.

I sewed the old leather straps from my wicker bike basket right to the back of my denim bucket-basket and it is good and secure.  I didn't think velcro would hold as well for the amount of stuff I generally put in my bike-basket.   Things like mail, water bottles and snacks to take to the hayfield.

More beautiful blooms are popping up in my gardens.  I love summer!  And flowers!

Star-gazer lilies in shades of pink and burgundy. 
Can you see my grandangel in the background?

Wildflowers -- poppies, coneflowers, bachelor buttons...

...and out on the prairie the prickly pear cactus are still blossoming.

"I expect some new phase of life
this summer,
and shall try to get the honey
from each moment."
~Lucy Stone


  1. Love your bike and the basket and really enjoyed that quote. I, too, will try to get the honey from each moment too!

  2. Super cute! I bet it'll hold up fabulously. I love the bird sounds in the background also.

  3. Ha! I don't see your hollyhocks yet. I'm waiting LOL! Love your new bike basket -- look how clever you are!

  4. Oh, I love you so much! Your bike basket is amazing! How smart you are! Maybe I should get a strong person to lift Jeff's unused bike off the hooks in the garage and take to the path, too. Happy Birthday to Hazel Peach tomorrow! She looks so sweet hanging there on her swing. How did you have time to make the bike basket? I thought you had company? You are a wonder, Jody. Your flowers are gorgeous. I can almost hear that garden.

  5. It's darling!

    What a picture that would me Miss Jody---you riding your best-dressed bicycle down the road with that basket full of mail! I love it!


  6. Now how sweet it that? and way better then some store bought basket xoxox Clarice

  7. Love the bike basket! Very cool! The flowers look so beautiful. Love the color of the liliews! Pretty!:)

  8. Definitely a Mary Jane's Farm photo! Great job!
    You will have to write a book one many great ideas and such country chic!
    Love the background of HP in the swing, and great flowers!
    Thanks for the peek,

  9. Love the bike basket!!! Just love it!!


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