Friday, July 23, 2010

A children's moon and gardening bits...

Tonight we have a Children's Moon.
I had never heard of it until yesterday while visiting with my daughter.  She said she it was mentioned in a book she recently read -- either My Friend Flicka or Thunderhead or Green Grass of Wyoming, all by Mary O'Hara.  A children's moon is one that is mostly full and is out during the day or in the very early hours of the evening so that a child would be able to see it before going to bed.  I think it is a sweet way to think about the moon.  I took the moon picture this evening and somehow got it to look grainy like pointillism.  Have you ever seen pointillist art?  I like it.

This is a sample of pointillism called 
"Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" by George Seurat.

Today was Grammy Day and I had Hazel Peach here for the entire day whilst Mommy and Daddy went to the Big City to do some shopping.  We had fun digging in the dirt, pulling up weeds and watering the flowers with the hose.  We also did a little picking.  There were oodles of snap peas to pick and we thinned out the carrots and got some nice fingerling sized ones.  H.P.  enjoys holding the bucket while I pick.  She also likes to eat the peas while I pick.  We both do.

We washed up our veggies and then Grammy fixed a supper from left-over roast beef and the veggies we picked.  I also sliced in a red pepper, celery, some onion and tossed in a handful of chopped almonds and quick fried it in olive oil in a hot pan.  Then at the last minute, I added our favorite Teriyaki sauce called Veri-Teriyaki and served it over hot rice.
Oh, yummy.  I love fresh summer veggies.

Ready to stir-fry
The green beans are coming soon and I can't wait for a mess of bacon and green beans.  Are you eating from  your veggie patch?


  1. I love that about the moon...I am always taking pictures of it too!
    For dinner we each had two big corn on the cobs and home made bread with a 2 cold glasses of a bit it's a bowl of ice cream and blueberry brownies! Love homey-real food!:D

  2. Julie,
    Now that's how I like to eat! Just corn with not much else -- except dessert. Sounds delish!


  3. I wish I had a veggie patch Jody -- although, Peter Rabbit would probably just eat it! I LOVE the children's moon -- I'd never heard of it either!

  4. Jody, I bet on all that land you live on, stargazing is amazing and very clear !!! Clarice

  5. Why didn't you call me? I would have come over and dined with you and Hazel Peach because that meal looks DELICIOUS!
    I am headed up north tomorrow. I'll think of you, friend, when I set my eyes on the fields, the cows, the tractors, the birds. I'll take pictures of the the Puget Sound so you can see how lovely it all is. I'm glad Hazel Peach likes to dig.

  6. Oh, and how lovely to think of a children's moon. I adore the moon. I find comfort when I can't sleep and it is shining outside our bedroom window. You reminded me to order Flicka.

  7. I wish my kids were close enough for Grammy days!

    My daughter has been texting me throughout the day with little snippets about how cute Anna is (her newborn daughter).

    She's trying to entice me to fly out to New England. :)

    Never heard of a children's moon, how neat.

  8. Thimbleanna,
    I just came across "the children's moon" in the book My Friend Flicka which I am reading now. Ah ha!

    Yes, star-gazing is really amazing here in the boonies where there is no "light pollution."

    Dinner WAS yum!

    Pom Pom,
    It would have been nice to have you over for supper. I'll look forward to reading about and seeing all your pictures from Puget Sound. I've always wanted to go there.

    I hope you will be able to go see your granddaughter soon. What a gift they are!


  9. I had not heard of a "Children's Moon" either. Great way to think of this July full moon.

    A beautiful time spent with your granddaughter and delicious meal, of which, part came from her grandmother's garden.

    Great post.

  10. I'd never heard of a children's moon, either, but it's a lovely idea.

    We are eating lots and lots of tomatoes and basil. I'm sad to say that our cucumbers have bitten the dust. I'm planning to buy some from the farmer's market so I can try your refrigerator pickles. I've been wanting some all summer!


  11. I love pointillism! Especially simple pen and ink drawings.

    Have fun with your Hazel Peach!

  12. Beautiful way to describe the moon...we had a children's moon last evening then and enjoyed it around 9 pm...just stunning!
    Lovely stir fry...our family loves stir fry and rice.
    Thanks for the peek,

  13. Oh, that picture is making me drool.

    I think that is so precious about the children's moon, I had never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing!


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