Thursday, July 29, 2010

Countrygirl salad spinner....

Today you will know that I'm a little crazy when you hear about my "salad spinner."  Here it is in the picture.  It's one of those mesh bags that you get onions or apples in.  After washing your garden lettuce leaves in the sink, you load up the mesh bag and take it outside where the spinning happens....

Grab the bag by the end and start spinning it around and around.  Get a little wrist action into it.

Spin it around another time or two until the water stops spraying out....

Imagine me trying to take a picture with one hand whilst spinning lettuce with the other.  Ahem!
Now it's time to make salad.

Ta-da!  Lovely spun lettuce makes a perfect green leaf salad.


  1. LOL..Us bloggers are a crazy bunch...everything we do now has to be documented! I do it too..thats why I laugh! Great idea by the way! :D

  2. lol....looks like alot more fun than my conventional one!

    PS I think you are just a little crazy ;)

  3. Oh Jody! Thanks fo making me smile today :) Great idea! Do you get wet though? :)
    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Always glad to bring a smile through my nonsense! No, I don't get wet at all, unless I'm trying to take a picture of myself spinning lettuce! Thanks for stopping in.


  5. I love this. I first learned this trick as young woman, only I used a pillowcase. Can you imagine what I must have looked like as I stood outside on the sidewalk at the apt. complex I lived in at the time, happily spinning that pillowcase around? I did look like a wild, crazy gal!

  6. Oh my gosh, how fun LOL. Just think all the frustrations you could work out !!! xoxo Clarice

  7. And it doesn't take up any space on the kitchen shelves like a traditional spinner does! Works like a charm doesn't it?

  8. You're hysterical. And a genius! And guess what??? We. Have. Bloom!!! Woohoo! A rainstorm sort of beat it to death, but there are more on the way so I'll take a picture when they pop out!

  9. Very clever! and frugal too :)

  10. Hi sweet country friend! I love the views behind the spinning salad. I thought of you so many times while I was in Washington. Each time I looked at the tractors and the huge fields, I wondered how Gumbo Lily was doing. Do you know what I didn't see? Sheep. My dad said there ARE sheep around the main country roads but I guess I forgot to ask for a drive by. Your boys would love the golf course, too. When is the next golf trip planned? I missed you! (BIG HUG)

  11. OK now that just made me smile! How fun and clever!


  12. I just threw one of those away and even when I was putting it in the trash, I was thinking there had to be something useful for it.

    Next time I buy lemons in such a bag, I will keep it!


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