Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When it rains, I sews....

I love rainy weather because I get that cozy-homey feeling and I want to bake and sew and do all things domestic. Today I made brownies (yum-O!) and then I turned to the "workshop" for a little sewing. This is what I came up with....water carriers. I started with this tutorial from Pink Chalk Studios and although it's adorable, it's fairly difficult to make due to the fussy round bottom. I'm a woman of simplicity and I really hate struggling with a "fun" sewing project, so I discovered another water carrier tutorial from Mad Quilter that had a square bottom and was MUCH easier to sew. The other plus to this water carrier is that it will hold an 800 ml bottle of water which is larger than the other carrier. With summer coming on, I think I'll stitch up a few more of these.

I used some ideas from both tutorials and improvised using materials I had on hand. Instead of pellon or Insul-brite, I used a thin cotton batting to line my carriers. Instead of twill tape or nylon straps, I used grosgrain ribbon for my straps. You could also make straps out of the fabric you used for your carriers. Change up the patterns and add embellishments in any way you'd like.


  1. Very pretty Jody. What a great idea for long summer walks -- I'm always fumbling, wondering where to put that bottle when it's all I'm carrying. Thanks for the links!

  2. I really like these, Jody! And you've helped us out so much with your experimenting and research. Yours are really pretty. Thanks. Abby

  3. I love those rainy cozy-homey days too. Perfect for trying out a new recipe.

    I love your water carriers - it would make a nice Christmas present.

  4. I'm liking those a lot Jody. Nice work.

  5. Well if I sewed and baked on rainy days I would always be, oh, wait I am ;-) Love the water bottle totes. I know Kathy and have seen hers, it is beautiful, just like yours xoxox Clarice

  6. Your water bottle carriers look quite lovely. Sometimes, I just want something simple to sew, too, without all the complications. Your idea to combine ideas that appealed to from both tutorials is clever.

  7. I know what you mean about a rainy day, especially in summer. If it's sunny, I'm taking kids to the pool and running errands and weeding the garden. But if it's rainy, then I can knit and listen to podcasts and it's just lovely.

    I love the fabric you've used here!


  8. Sew cute! Love your choice of fabrics!

  9. I Jody,

    Your water bottle holders look great. Am so pleased you found my tutorial useful. I like simple and easy too :)


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