Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pillowcase Dress...

Another easy-peasy sewing project is complete! I've been wanting to sew some pillowcase dresses and tops for quite awhile. I went to the local thrift store a couple days ago and found two great pillowcases -- one with blue and white crocheted lace on the bottom and one that was plain, but had a scalloped edge that I liked. Both were only 99 cents! My 21 year old daughter is begging for a pillowcase top so I'll use one of these for her.

In the meantime, this li'l pillowcase dress was made for my Grandangel, "Hazel Peach." As you can see, it is not made of a regular pillowcase, but instead, I used some great fabric I found at my local sewing and fabrics store, Tri-State Bakery. Anni sells fabric and her handmade goods on Ebay. Check out her blog, Itibit of Time.

The best tutorial I found for the pillowcase dress was here at Augustus World (click Macy's Blog) I appreciated her idea to make all French seams so there would be no frayed edges peeking out of the garment. I also liked the simplicity of her tutorial. (Remember, I'm a simple woman) Instead of using a ribbon for the strap/tie, I made my own ribbon out of the polka dot accent fabric. One thing I did not agree with is the width of fabric she recommended. I chose to keep the total 45" width of the fabric for the dress. Even on my one-year-old grandangel, the flounce of the dress came out perfectly. A standard pillowcase is approximately 45" wide (opened up). As you can see, I've changed this pattern up a little bit and so can you.

Next up, I'll make a reversible headband to go with the dress. There's another easy-peasy instruction for that here. I'll measure the angel's li'l head and make one just her size.

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is adorable Jody! It makes me wish I were a lot younger!!!

  2. So cute. Love that design...

  3. Ooh, I've never heard of pillow case dresses before. What a great idea. I can see them working for older girls over jeans of leggings too. Thanks for the link.

  4. Gosh I want the dress xoxoxo Clarice


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