Monday, June 29, 2009

Dotty apron....

I've made a new apron for the Tie One On challenge --
The Pie Makin' Apron.

The idea is to submit an apron and a pie recipe alongside it. I submitted my Rhubarb Pie with Crumb Topping. I had intended to give this apron as a bridal shower gift, but flubbed up when appliqueing a flower. Now there is a pocket covering up the flub so this one will stay in my kitchen. I'm actually glad because I really like it. I didn't have a real pattern, but used my halter-top swim top as a guide for the bodice part. I only wear that top for lawn mowing in my very secluded country yard, but I liked the style and thought it would make for a cute apron.


  1. Very, very cute Ms. Gumbo! I love the halter styleAND the cute fabrics. Don't mow in just the apron though -- you'll get that hospital gown feeling!

  2. You look absolutely smashing in your Miss Dotty apron! I think our 'flubs' are really creative "opportunities" in the making. If I recall, that's how Post-Its were invented--- via a flub!
    Good luck on the Tie-One-One Challenge!


  3. Ohhhh very sweet, I love it and can see why you would not want to wear it on the tractor ;-) xoxoxo Clarice

  4. What a lovely apron!

  5. A cute apron - and very clever to add the matching pocket.

    Now I'm off to check your pie recipe It sounds good :)

  6. This is a orginial for sure and I like it.
    The pocket is a must , at least for me in an apron.i hate aprons without pockets.

  7. Miss Thimble, I really dislike that "hospital feeling" so no worries about me mowing in the Dotty.

    Plain Ol Vanilla, I didn't know Post-Its were flubs. I really don't mind a flub if it isn't too disastrous.

    Storybook Woods, no tractoring for me in this pretty pinny!

    Sarah, thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment.

    Island Sparrow, thanks for the sweet comments and I hope you'll like my rhubarb pie. I know it's nearly out of season, but it's worth saving for next year. I, however, still have rhubarb.

    Elsie, I generally don't use a pocket much on my apron, but this one was needed to cover that flub and perhaps I'll be glad I put it there after all.


  8. I adore that apron...I think it is my fav....Oh...I may have to make one too. Dianntha

  9. Cute. Love the fabrics and the style-- I like the nice large pocket, too. You would never guess it wasn't planned that way from the beginning.


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